Adding Ecwid store to Drupal site

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Drupal is a popular content management system which allows you to easily create and manage websites. Ecwid is a great tool to add e-commerce functionality to your Drupal site because of its unique ability to embed into any web page and function as its integral part. To add Ecwid to your Drupal website and start selling online you need to install our plugin. It is compatible with the latest Drupal version (Drupal 8) and beside built-in features of Ecwid offers Drupal specific enhancements such as:

  • a fully embedded store control panel — you can manage your site and your store from a single admin panel;
  • optimization of product and category pages for search engines (SEO).


To setup Ecwid module follow the below steps:
1. Download Ecwid module for Drupal here - and start the installation on Drupal → Modules page as shown on the screenshot:

2. Proceed to Ecwid Store page by clicking corresponding button at the top. If you haven't signed up for Ecwid yet register a new account (its free), otherwise proceed with "I already have Ecwid account, sign in" option and specify your store ID (check this article if you are not sure how to locate it).

Module configuration

Appearance settings

Ecwid store → Appearance page lets you quickly configure the way your store is shown to your clients with the following options:

  • The type of product displaying used by default.
  • Number of products for each displaying type.
  • Product category shown by default.

Managing Ecwid widgets

Ecwid offers multiple widgets for displaying of different store elements such as Minicart, Search Box, Horizontal Categories and Vertical categories. Each of these widgets can be configured individually on Structure →Blocks page.

Locate the required Ecwid widget in the list and select the desired block of a page as a location for the widget.


Save the changes after that.

Video instructions

You can also take a look at this video to see the procedure of setting up Ecwid on Drupal:

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