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Selling on Tilda with Ecwid

Tilda is a great tool for creating landing pages. It allows to easily create a page from scratch as well as features a ton of ready templates. To build your own web-presence you need to use blocks which can be placed on the page in the needed sequence and modified to fully meet your needs. Ecwid is one of the blocks that you can add on a Tilda site and let customers place orders without leaving your website.

Adding Ecwid to a Tilda site

To be able to add Ecwid to a Tilda site you need to be on a paid Tilda plan. Great news, they have a two-week free trial!

Add the store using Ecwid block

To add Ecwid store to your Tilda page with Ecwid block click Plus sign in the middle of the page:


In the menu on the left hand side scroll to Other and find Ecwid blocks.

At this point you will see a choice of 2 different blocks:

Ecwid: online store — adds the entire product catalog to the page.

Ecwid: products from category — adds a certain category to the page by Category ID.


You can choose any block. Likewise you can later add other store blocks to the page. Once the store block is added click Content button on the left of the block. Submit your store ID and category ID if needed.

That’s it, your store is added to the site. Click Publish button at the top right to publish the page:


Use Ecwid integration code

Another way to add your Ecwid store to a Tilda site is with the help of Ecwid integration code. You can get the code for your store in Ecwid admin → Website. Scroll down to the "Add your store to one more website" section and click Pick Platform → Other platforms and sitebuilders. Then click Copy code to clipboard.

To add HTML block for Ecwid store to your Tilda page click Plus sign in the middle of the page and in the menu on the left scroll down to Other section. In this section choose <html>:


Click Content button on the right from the yellow HTML code container. Add Ecwid Product browser widget and/or any other Ecwid widgets to the text field, click Save and Close:


Publish your site.


How to change store design

You can choose from preset appearance options or add custom CSS codes to customize the look and feel of your store. Learn more about Ecwid customization options →

What if I use Ecwid blocks and HTML block with Ecwid widget on the same page?

In this case there will be a conflict between the Ecwid block and the code in the HTML block and only one block will be displayed. So please, use either way, but not both at the same time.

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