My store loads slowly, how to fix it

Ecwid was designed as a very fast shopping cart. It uses some solutions which allow it to work much faster than common classic shopping carts.

So if for some reasons your Ecwid store loads slowly, it is defintly a problem which should be fixed.

There are many possible reasons of it: browser issues, problems with Internet connection, site issues etc. In order to find out what causes the problem, do several checks first.

Check the store in different browsers

First of all check how your store is loaded in other browsers. If it works OK in all browsers except one, it means that something is wrong with this very browser. Further steps:

- disable its extensions/plugins at least temporarily to see if it makes any difference,

- open the site in the same browser but on a different computer.

For example if your store is slow in Firefox with Firebug installed, try to disable it temporarily. It's a known fact, that enabled Firebug can slow down AJAX sites.

Check different sites

Check how our demo store works:

Then check how your Instant Site works: https://store[store id] (where STORE_ID is your actual store id)

If the Instant Site and our demo work OK, it indicates that something on your site slows down the store loading (heavy images, 3rd party scripts that aren't loaded, etc).

If the demo store works fine, but the Instant Site isn't loaded either, it means something is wrong with your Ecwid store.

Check the Internet connection

It's also recommended to check how your store is loaded on a completely different computer with different Internet connections.

If you're having problems with Ecwid store loading, please report it in our contact form. We will need you to include the following details in the report, they will help us greatly in troubleshooting and allow us to fix the issue much faster.

1. Browsers.

  • Can you reproduce this issue in all browsers?
  • If not, what browsers have the issue? Which ones don't?

2. Sites.

3. Connections.

  • Can you reproduce the issue on a completely different computer with different Internet connections?

4. Operating system.

  • What operating system are you using (Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile devices)?
  • Do you run antivirus software? If so, what is it?

5. What will helps us mostly is a record of a browsing session containing detailed report on each element loaded on the page. For that you should use Chrome browser and generate a HAR file. Please, follow the steps enumerated in this article how to get one:

Generating a HAR file

and attach it to your bug report.

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