Getting the ID of your product or category

In your Ecwid store, each product and each category has its own unique ID. That’s numbers that you can see if you open a category or product page in your storefront and look at the end of the link in the browser address bar. You can use the IDs to create CSS codes for certain store pages or for example when you want to add a certain store category to a website.

You can find the product or category ID either in the storefront or in the control panel. If you need to get IDs of hidden products or categories that do not display in the storefront, go to the control panel.

The ID of the store front page category (the one with featured products) is always 0.

To get the product or category ID:

  1. Open your Ecwid storefront.
  2. Open the page with the product or the category for which you need to get the ID.
  3. Copy the ID from the browser address bar. You will see numbers that go at the end of the link after letter “p” on product pages and after letter “c” on category pages:

    ID from the browser address bar
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