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Merchants that enabled Google Shopping in Ecwid admin panel after December 2019 are using the Google Smart Shopping. To learn about it, read the article Advertising products with Google Smart Shopping.
Merchants that started using Google Shopping prior to that date can switch to Smart Google Shopping by contacting the Kliken team.

Google Shopping Ads helps you reach millions of potential customers at a time when people are most interested in your products – the search phase.

Powered by Kliken, Ecwid’s integration with Google Shopping Ads allows you to start your advertising campaign in just a few clicks. Define your target audience, select the products you want to promote, and set your budget. Ecwid will automatically sync your products, shipping, and tax settings with Google Merchant Center.

Here is a quick video on how to advertise your store on Google:

You need to sell to one of the supported countries . The Google Shopping integration doesn't support Google beta countries.

Enabling Automated Google Shopping Ads

To switch on automated Google Shopping Ads in your store:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Other Channels → Google Shopping.
  2. Select the Automate Google Shopping Ads block.
  3. Click Enable. The campaign editor will load.

Enable Google Shopping Ads

  1. Click Get Started in the welcome screen.

Now you can create your ad campaign.

Creating Google Shopping Ads campaigns

Before you start building your campaigns with Google Shopping Ads, make sure you set up shipping and tax settings in your Ecwid Control Panel. This is required for the Google Merchant Center.

Learn how to set up Shipping & Pickup and Taxes in Ecwid.

Build your target audience

Consider how you would like to target your audience using location (country, state/province or city) and language. Then define who will see your ads by selecting "people in my targeted location", "people searching about my targeted location", or "all of the above".

Target your ads

Select your shopping category and product condition

Now you must choose a category for your products to ensure your ads appear in relevant searches. Use the search box to find your preferred category:

Select shopping category

Select from the following to describe your products’ condition: new, refurbished, or used:

Select product condition

Choose the products you want to advertise

You can select all of your products or specify product categories:

Select products to advertise

Preview your campaign and set your budget

Preview your campaign with a diagnostic report and a preview of your ads. Here, you will be offered several options from which you can set an advertising budget.
Once you authorize, your ads will be live!

Managing Google Shopping Ads campaigns

As you find the advertising tactics that work best for your online store, you will very likely choose to adjust campaign settings in Google Shopping Ads. Switch the target audience, change the marketing category, or pick different products for serving your ads under the Manage tab in your Ecwid admin, go to Other Channels → Google Shopping → Manage.

Manage ads

To monitor the performance of your ads, select the Stats tab. Here you will see the number of views, cost per click, total revenue, and other vital statistics to help analyze your campaigns. This quantitative evidence will help you make informed adjustments when updating your campaign.

Why can't I find my Shopping Ads in Google?

It's quite natural to search Google for your products after launching a Shopping Ads campaign. The breadth of your search depends on the level of detail in your product description and attributes in your Ecwid store. Generally, we do not recommend searching for your own ads because:

  • it does not reflect the true position of your ad,
  • each visitor will have a different result,
  • it can negatively affect your campaign by generating impressions without clicks (this lowers your click-through rate),
  • there are many common reasons why you may not see your ad, even though your stats are accruing.

The best way to confirm your ads are running effectively is to look for your ad with Google's Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool. In addition we recommend:

  • checking your Conversion tracking in Adwords account → Tools → Conversions,
  • analyzing your Search term reports to ensure your bids are high enough to generate the correct search terms,
  • making sure product titles accurately describe your product and search terms are included in the title and description.

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