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Creating a multilingual site with WordPress and Ecwid

If you sell globally or in a country with multiple official languages, you can create a multilingual WordPress site and add a language switcher to it using one of the popular plugins. We recommend to use WPML or Polylang plugins for this purpose because Ecwid is compatible with them - their language switcher changes language not only for the site, but for your multilingual Ecwid store within it, too.

Here is how you can create a multilingual WordPress site using WPML and Ecwid plugins, for example:

  1. Download WPML plugin (it is paid) and install it on your WordPress site;
  2. Configure WPML: set your default language, pick additional languages and choose where the language switcher should appear on your site:Setup WPML
  3. Translate your site content by clicking on + next to Pages and adding the translated text to them:Translate content
    Learn more about translating site content when using WMPL plugin with WordPress.
  4. Add your Ecwid store to a Page in all its language versions:
  1. Enable additional languages in WordPress adminEcwidSettingsGeneralRegional SettingsStore Languages so that labels of store forms and buttons are translated by Ecwid:Enable languages in Ecwid
  2. Add translations of your catalog so that your product and category names and descriptions can be shown in additional language, too:Translate Ecwid catalog

It’s all set! Your multilingual site is ready and your customers can now shop with you in their preferred language.

Language selector on site

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