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Selling on Drupal 8, Drupal 9, or Drupal 10 with Ecwid

You can create a website with the help of Drupal CMS and easily add online store to it using the Ecwid E-Commerce Shopping Cart module, then manage both from a single backend.

Installation of Ecwid module

To add Ecwid store to your Drupal 8, Drupal 9, or Drupal 10 site, install the Ecwid module:

  1. Download the latest Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart module (v8.x-3.4) for Drupal.
  2. Log into your Drupal backend and click Extend.
  3. Click +Install New Module and follow next steps to upload the Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart module: install module
If you do not see the Install New Module button on the Extend page, you may need to enable the Update Manager module first, then proceed to Reports → Available Updates, open the List tab, click the +Install new module or theme button and upload the Ecwid module archive. 
  1. In the Extend page, select the uploaded Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart module and click the Install button below:
  2. Click Ecwid that will appear in the top menu and then click Setup:
  3. If you have an existing Ecwid store, click Connect. Otherwise, click the link Don't have an Ecwid account? Create one now to register an Ecwid account (it’s free): Connect Ecwid store
  4. Click Agree to give the requested permissions.
  5. That’s it. You can now manage your Ecwid store right from your Drupal back end: Store Dashboard

Once installed, the Ecwid module adds the Store tab to your Drupal site navigation where your site visitors can access the store:

Store tab on site


I’m not ready to sell as of yet. Can I hide the store while I’m setting it up?

Yes, you can hide the Store tab in your site’s menu:

  1. Log into your Drupal back end.
  2. Proceed to Manage → Structure → Menus.
  3. Click Edit Menu next to Main navigation.
  4. Uncheck the Enabled box next to the Store menu item and save the changes:

To check your storefront while you are setting the store, click Ecwid in the top menu, then click Visit storefront:

Alternatively, you can keep the Store tab on your site and simply close your store for maintenance.

How to add the store’s search and shopping cart icon to my Drupal site?

To add the store extensions such as search box, additional shopping bag, or category menu:

  1. Copy the code for a desired widget in your Ecwid Ecwid admin → Website.
  2. Scroll down to the "Add your store to one more website" section and click Pick Platform → Other platforms and sitebuilders.
  3. Scroll down to the "Store extensions" section. Depending on what extension you want to add, click Add Category Navigation, Add Shopping Bag, or Add Product Search to copy a code. 
  4. Add this code as a custom block (full HTML) in Drupal back endManageStructureBlock:

Is there a way to connect another Ecwid store to my Drupal site?

Yes, to connect another Ecwid store to your Drupal site:

  1. Log into your Drupal back end.
  2. Click on Ecwid in the top menu.
  3. Click on Reconnect to another store:

  1. Sign in (or sign up) to your other Ecwid account.

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