Closing your Ecwid store from customers

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You can close the storefront from customers temporarily and then open it back right from your Ecwid Control Panel. This will be useful if you are changing something in your store (e.g. modify design or rearrange products) and do not want your customers to see the unfinished work.

  1. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → General → Store Profile
  2. Click Close Storefront for Maintenance:

Click Close storefront for maintenance


  1. If you want to close the store from customers, but see it or make it visible for your staff, enter the IP addresses that can be used for seeing the store, in the Remain open for the IPs (comma-separated) field. Your IP address will show under that field:

Leave the store open for certain IPs

Closing the storefront from customers does not influence your subscription. If your account is on the paid plan, the paid plan will still be active even if the storefront is closed.
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