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Creating advanced product options

Product options help you list item variants like colors, materials, or sizes on product pages in your store. You can also use options to collect files or gift messages when selling customizable goods like tea mugs.

By default, all the options are visible to shoppers. To make customer experience more smooth and interactive, you can create dynamic options with the help of the Advanced Product Options app from the Ecwid App Market. The app allows adding conditional logic to show or hide certain options based on customer selection. You can also use the app to enhance your product options with color or image swatches, tooltip descriptions, and more.

Advanced Product Options app costs $8.49/month and has a 7-day free trial.
Ecwid App Market is available on Venture, Business, Unlimited plans.


Creating a new advanced product option set

After you install the Advanced Product Options app, you start by creating option sets that you want to apply to products in your store. An option set is a unique combination of options along with their values, price modifiers, etc. You can assign the same option set to one or several products.

In addition to Ecwid’s default option types, product option sets allow adding number fields that accept only digits and color/image swatches to visually present your product colors & variations. You can also add descriptions to options and their values that will appear to customers as tooltips.

There are two ways to create an option set. First, you can use options that already exist for some product in your store as a basis. Second, you can build an option set from scratch in the Advanced Product Options app.

To create a product option set:

  1. Go to Settings → Advanced Product Options.
  2. If you want to create an option set from existing product options, enter product ID into the field, then click + Import. On the opened page, you will see all the options for this product. Make edits to them if you like (e.g., add swatches or descriptions).
    After you import an option set into the app interface, it’s not yet assigned to any product, so feel free to edit the options however you like. Changes won’t affect the original product.
  3. If you want to create an option set from scratch, click + Create New. On the opened page, enter the option set name and click Add new option to manually create all the options and option values that you want this set to contain.
  4. Click Save all changes.

That’s it! Now you have an option set in the app.

Next, you can add rules to your options. Or, if you don’t need any conditions applied to this option set, you can simply assign options to your store’s products.

Configuring advanced product option set rules

Rules allow you to show certain options based on prior customer choices. This way, your product pages look neater as some options or values remain hidden until they are required to appear. For example, if a customer picks option "A", they see sub-options "C" and "D", and if they pick option "B", they get sub-options "E" and "F".

To create a rule for a product option set:

  1. Go to Settings → Advanced Product Options and click on the option set.
  2. Switch to the Rules tab:


  3. Click Add new rule and create conditions and actions. For example, choose to hide some options when certain option values are selected (e.g., if there are option combinations that are not available for sale).
  4. Click Save all changes.

You can create as many rules as you like to cover all the conditions you need.

Now you’re ready to assign the dependent option set to certain products in your store.

Assigning advanced product option sets to products

By default, option sets you create in the Advanced Product Options app are not assigned to any products. After you configure an option set, you need to manually apply it to a product or products in your Ecwid store. You can hide or remove the options your products originally had if you want.

To assign option set to a product:

  1. Go to Settings → Advanced Product Options and click on the option set.
  2. Switch to the Products tab:


  3. To remove or hide original product options, switch the toggles accordingly.
  4. Search products by their titles or SKUs and tick the ones to which you want to assign the option set.
  5. Click Apply option set to selected product(s).

That’s it! The option set is now added to your products. You can see it in the Options tab on the product page in Catalog → Products.

If you need help using the Advanced Product Options app, you can find a useful FAQ on the app page in your store admin or chat with developers by clicking the “Chat with us” button at the bottom of the page.

You can also add conditional logic to your product options with the Logicly app.
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