Adding categories to your Ecwid store on Wix

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The horizontal menu with categories allows your customers to find the products they need easily. If you wish to add a horizontal menu with the categories to the Ecwid store on your Wix site, please follow the instructions below. You will need to create the links in your Wix menu and connect the categories from your store there.

  1. Go to your Wix HTML Editor
  2. Select the horizontal menu and click Manage Menu:

Click manage menu to add categories


  1. Click Add Page → Link:

Click Add pahe and select Link


  1. In the pop-up select Web Address and Current window:

Menu settings


  1. Open your store front in another tab, open the category you want to link to
  2. Copy the URL of the category page from your browser address bar:

How to get link to a ctaegory in your store


  1. Return to the tab where your Wix Editor is open and paste the URL of the category to the What’s the web address (URL)?:

Add URL for your category on Wix


  1. Click Done
  2. Rename the link in the Pages menu:

Rename link in Wix menu


  1. That’s it, the link is added to your menu:

Category added to menu on Wix


  1. Save the changes and publish your site.
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