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Instant Site versions

Instant Site is a website builder that allows you to create professional websites. A few years ago, it got a significant update to provide you with more tools for your online business. That’s why there are currently two versions of Instant Site: the original one (legacy), and the new one. 

All new Ecwid merchants registered after July, 2023 as well as all Lightspeed eCom merchants have the new Instant Site version. If you’ve registered in Ecwid before July, 2023, you may have either an old or new version. 

While both versions empower you to create a website, the new version provides more advanced features for site building such as translating the site, adding pages, and more. If you discover that the functionality of the new Instant Site version better aligns with your business needs, you can update your website builder to the latest version. 

There’s no site content transferring, so after updating the Instant Site version, you will have to set up your site from scratch.

Compare Instant Site versions

Both Instant Site versions allow you to create an attractive, functional, and mobile-friendly website, all without requiring coding knowledge. The main version (the latest one), however, provides you with a more advanced level of site editing tools.

If you find that the default version of Instant Site provides features you lack in the old one, you can update your Instant Site. If you are already using the latest version of the Instant Site, just keep using this awesome site builder. 

Here is a detailed comparison of both Instant Site versions:

Feature Instant Site Instant Site legacy
Editing and rearranging pre-designed site content
Set up SEO settings
Assigning a unique domain to your website
Choosing a pre-designed template tailored to your business niche  
Adding pages to your site  
Adding sections with text and images  
Adding announcement bars  
Adding promo sliders   
Customizing your site header  
Translating site to other languages  

How do I know what version of Instant Site I have?

Each Instant Site version has an independent site builder interface. The best way to find out which version of Instant Site you’re using is to take a look at the site editor. For that, go to Website → Overview and click Edit Site (or Overview → Instant Site → Manage Instant Site). You will be redirected to the site editor page, where you can judge by its look:

Instant Site

Instant site versions2.png

  • Homepage Sections with the draggable list of sections
  • Interactive preview on the right-hand side
  • Page dropdown at the top menu to switch between pages
  • the Publish button at the top right corner

Instant Site legacy

Instant site versions1.png

  • Site sections with the static list of sections
  • The preview on the right-hand side is non-interactive
  • Your site web address is at the top left
  • The Save button at the top left corner

How do I switch to the latest version of Instant Site?

You can switch to the latest version of Instant Site, and vice versa, by contacting support. The latest version of Instant Site provides you with more top-level features to help you build a professional website for small, medium, and big-size businesses equally. 

When you update your Instant Site version, it results in the loss of any content you’ve added to your site. Once you make the switch, visitors won't see your old content when opening your site. Instead, they'll encounter a fresh default template. You will have to build your site from scratch. 

At the same time, products SEO settings, domain name, and the Store section with your products will remain unchanged.

To switch to the latest version of Instant Site:

  1. Copy all the text content (to Google Docs, Notes, or any text editor) and save images from your current site so that you can quickly add them to the new site. You can take screenshots of your site and use them to recreate the site structure.
  2. From your Ecwid admin, click Get Help.
  3. In the Contact Support section, choose either Open Live Chat or Email support.
  4. Describe that you want to update your Instant Site version. 
  5. Wait for the confirmation from the support team that your Instant Site has been updated.

That’s it. Now you can go to the Instant Site editor and set up your new website.

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