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Ecwid Starter Site is professionally designed according to the latest ecommerce trends. You can use its responsive template to start selling your products just out of the box. Still Ecwid Starter Site look is very flexible and you can easily change it to reflect your brand image.

If you are a non-tech savvy person, you can choose from the preset appearance options, or use a ready-made theme from a third-party vendor. Proficient users with coding skills can dive into CSS modifications to create a unique look of the store.

To customize the Starter Site design, go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Starter Site and click Customize Storefront. This will take you to the Design page, where you can adjust the look of your store.

If you want to preview the changes you make, you can click Edit Content → Store design. You will find the same settings as located on the Design page, but with a live preview mode:

Starter site design settings

If your Ecwid store is integrated with your own website, you can change its look by following the guide Changing store design.

In this article:

Preset appearance options

With the help of preset Design options, you can change the product image size and aspect ratio, the layout of product cards and pages, gallery images, sidebar elements and more.

To best showcase your products, you can choose from three preset sizes for your product images – large pictures that are ideal for showing the items in every detail, medium-sized pictures that are a well-balanced option suitable for most products, and small images that allow you to fit more products per page.

If your product images are horizontally or vertically aligned, you can adjust the image aspect ratio to get a better general look of the product pictures.

In addition to the main product image, you can use the gallery of images to demonstrate your item from the best angle. For gallery images you can upload zoomed pictures showing the most essential details of the item, side and back views, pictures of matching products or additional accessoires.

You can also customize the look and feel of catalog and product pages by changing their layouts, the order and the alignment of elements on the page and much more.

Altogether, the preset appearance options give you much freedom in building a unique professionally-looking webpage that showcases your products in a remarkable way.

For more information on using the present appearance options, check out the guides Customizing product images, Customizing catalog pages, Customizing product pages and Customizing storefront navigation and colors.

Ready-made themes and apps

You can integrate a ready design theme from a third-party vendor or install an app from Ecwid App Market that will help you customize your storefront, change colors, fonts, buttons, add extra elements to the page and much more.

For instance, with the Tabber app, you can add tabs to the product descriptions that will help you visually organize the description text into logical parts. The Imajize app will let you upload the 360° views of your products displaying your goods from every angle. The Decorator app will help you restyle your store without any CSS knowledge.

Go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Design → View Apps to see the list of pre-made themes, affordable design tools and add-ons for enhancing the look and feel of your Starter Site.

Custom CSS themes (advanced)

If your storefront requires in-depth, advanced customization and you are acquainted with CSS, you can opt into building your own CSS theme from scratch or by using ready CSS tweaks from Ecwid Help Center, e.g. Changing buttons in your Ecwid store.

Building custom design themes requires CSS knowledge and coding skills. If you want a custom CSS theme for your store, but you are a non-tech savvy person, our experts can create a custom design for you on a paid basis.

To start building your CSS theme, go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Design and click Create Theme.

To learn more about custom CSS theme, please visit Custom design.

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