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Instant Site templates

A website template is a ready-made layout that you use as a canvas to build your own site. Instant Site offers a variety of templates organized by business niches to help you create a professional-looking website, saving time and effort in the web design process.  

Choosing a template is your first step when creating a website. By default, each template consists of a homepage, store, and navigation menu. You customize the template by adding your content and images, editing sections and adding pages to fit your business.

This article is for the latest version of Instant Site. If you have the old Instant Site version, read the Configuring Instant Site design (legacy version) instead. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now.

Choosing site template

Templates are organized into categories and subcategories based on business intent. When choosing a template, you can switch between tags to see vertical-based templates only and speed up the website setup.

To choose a template for your site:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to WebsiteEdit Site.
  2. Click Settings → Site Templates.
  3. (optional) Switch between tags at the top to view templates categorized by business verticals.
  4. To see how a template looks, hover your mouse over it and click Preview Template. To choose a template, click Use Template:

    Instant Site templates.png

  5. Click Publish to apply template.

That’s it! Now you can set up the site and make changes to the template in the editor.

Changing site template

It’s possible to change the template of your website.

Keep in mind that if you have started editing the homepage by adding your copy and images, this content won't save after you choose a template. You will have to start over with your content. However if you added pages to your site and customized their content, the page with all the edits will remain the same even after switching to a different template.

To switch to a new site template:

  1. In your Instant Site editor, click Settings → Site Templates.
  2. (optional) To view business-related templates only, switch between tags at the top.
  3. Click Preview Template to view the template. Click Use Template to choose it.
  4. Click Publish to apply template.
    Until you click Publish, you can revert to the previous template by clicking the Undo button at the top of the editor.
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