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Customer push notifications in Apple Wallet

After purchasing from your Ecwid store, customers can opt to track a particular order in their Apple Wallet, the default iPhone app used to store credit cards, driving licenses, e-tickets, and online store orders. Customers will then get push notifications about all the changes in the order status and can view order-related info in the app. No more checking their email for updates and details.

Learn more about tracking orders and purchases in Apple Wallet from the Apple Support article →

Adding Ecwid orders to Apple Wallet is available only for purchases made from the Safari browser on iPhones with iOS 17 or higher or Mac OS version 14 or higher.

What order information can customers track with Apple Wallet

In addition to getting push notifications about order progress, customers can view the following information for an order on the Orders page in their Apple Wallet:

  • Current order fulfillment status, including tracking code (when available) with the ability to proceed to tracking the order on the shipping company's website
  • Current order payment status
  • Your store name and logo
  • Order date
  • List of items in the order
  • Customer name, email, and address as entered during checkout
  • Selected shipping method
  • Order ID
  • Order total

Customers can also contact the store and proceed to manage the order in their Ecwid account right from the app.

Adding Ecwid orders to Apple Wallet

Customers can start tracking orders in Apple Wallet from the order confirmation screen they see after placing an order in your Ecwid store.

To add an order to Apple Wallet, your customer needs to:

  1. Add items to the cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. Go through all the checkout steps and place an order in your store.
  3. On the opened Thank you for your order! page, click the Track with Apple Wallet button:
    Adding to Apple Wallet.png
    If a customer doesn't have the Apple Wallet app, they will be prompted to install it.
  4. Click Track on the opened Apple Wallet app screen.

That’s it! This order will be added to the Apple Wallet account a customer is currently logged into. Now, each time you change the status for an order in your Ecwid admin, a customer will get push notifications from their Apple Wallet app:

Push notifications.png

They can also view this order, including its details and current status, in the Orders section of the app:

Tracking orders with Apple Wallet 1.png

Customers will be updated on the order status change in Apple Wallet regardless of whether a particular customer order notification is enabled in your store.

Push notifications from Apple Wallet appear only if they're enabled on a customer's device.

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