First Data Global Gateway e4

Global Gateway e4 is a payment solution provided by First Data.

You can sign up for a merchant account with First Data, if you haven't done it yet, and set it up in your Ecwid store following these steps:

  1. Log into your merchant account.
  2. Go to Administration → Terminal Types.
  3. Click Terminal Selection.
  4. Choose a terminal for e-Commerce (YOURCOMPANY TERM ECOMM):
    • On the Details tab from the Type dropdown choose either E-Commerce Transaction (CVV2), if you need checking CVV2 codes for the transactions, or E-Commerce Transaction, if you are not going to check CVV2 codes.
    • (optional) At the AVS Filters tab choose the AVS check statuses those should result in declining the transaction.
    • (optional) At the CVV2 Filters tab choose the CVV2 code check statuses those should result in declining the transaction. 
    • Click Update to apply the changes.
  5. At the Payment Pages tab there should already be an automatically created payment page
    • (optional) If you are going to provide a mobile-friendly payment page for your mobile customers, set the  Mobile style enabled checkmark and click Save.
    • Copy the payment page name ( e.g. HCO-ECWID-96) into the Payment Page Id field in the payment method account details in the Ecwid control panel.
  6. Click the row with your payment page in the list
    • in the General tab:
      • (optional) Put a custom title for your payment page into Payment Page Title
      • (optional) Put the merchant email into the Notification Email to receive the technical notifications of successful transactions or problems.
      • Make sure there is no checkmark in Enable Level 3 Processing.
    • in the Payment Types tab
      • Under the Credit Card Payments put the checkmark Enable Credit Card Payments; under the Test Processing and Live Processing choose the Merchant and Terminal, created at step 4 of this instruction.
    • In the Receipt page tab:
      • Under Receipt Page Settings choose Link to the receipt page (LINK)
      • Under Authorize.Net Protocol - Relay Response Settings put the checkmarks Allow Relay Response, Allow HTTP Redirect to Merchant Website and Retry Failed Relay Responses. Put the URL from the account details window of your Global Gateway e4 payment method in Ecwid control panel  System settings Payment (the necessary URL looks like where NNNNNNN is your store ID in Ecwid)  into both Relay Response URL  and Relay Response Retry URL. It may be necessary for the E4 support staff to review these URLs after you apply these changes. The review takes 1 business day, and until it is completed, no relay response is made from e4 to your Ecwid shop.
      • (optional) Under Receipt emails you can enable notifying the buyer upon successful transaction and customize the notifications
      • (optional) Under Appearance you can customize the look (colors and logo) of your payment page.
    • In the Security tab
      • Under HMAC Calculation choose MD5 for the Encryption Type
      • Under Transaction Key, click Generate New Transaction Key if Transaction Key is empty yet, and copy the key over into the Transaction Key field in the account details window of your Global Gateway e4 payment method in Ecwid control panel System settings Payment.
      • Under Response Key click Generate New Response Key, if the Response Key is empty yet, and copy the key over into the Response Key field in the account details window of your Global Gateway e4 payment method in the Ecwid control panel System settings Payment.
      • Click Save changes
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