MultiSafepay is a subsidiary company of Multipay BV, a Payment Service Provider which since its inception in 2000 has become an independent and reputable intermediary between web shops, consumers and banks. MultiSafepay payment gateway allows accepting payments via:

  • iDeal
  • Credit cards
  • Banktransfer (NL and BE)
  • Bancontact/Mister Cash
  • Direct-debit
  • Giropay
  • DIRECTebanking (also known as SOFORT Banking or Sofortüberweisung)

More information is available at

How to set up

1. In MultiSafepay control panel

Before activating MultiSafepay in your store you have to register it in your MultiSafepay-account.

Sign in to your MultiSafepay-account and open the "Settings → Sites". To connect your store with your account you have to fill in the following information:

  • Description: name of the store as it is shown in a transaction.
  • Base URL: your store URL.
  • Category: your store category.
  • Notification URL: a URL used by MultiSafepay to update the status of your order. Please use the following URL: where STOREID is your actual Store ID. For example:
  • Enable PrivatePay: the tool Private Pay enables your customers to pay anonymous. MultiSafepay assures your customer that the web owner has no access to personal information. Private Pay is only possible when it concerns no physical products.
  • Enable SecondChance: it is very annoying when a customer doesn't finish a started transaction and leaves your web shop without actually buying a product. With Second Chance MultiSafepay automatically send your customer a payment-link by e-mail. This way the customer can finish the transaction at another time.
  • Portal description: if you wish, you can fill in here a description of your store. This description will be shown in MultiSafepay portal.
  • Display in portal: here you can indicate if you wish to show your store in MultiSafepay portal.  

After entering these information click the Save button. The website will be added to your account and two codes will be generated: the Site ID and the Site Security Code. You need these codes (together with the Account ID) to set up MultiSafepay into your Ecwid account.

2.  In Ecwid Control Panel 

  • Go to Ecwid control panel→ Settings → Payment page.
  • Change the Payment Processor value of a payment method to MultiSafepay. Save the changes.
  • Click the MultiSafepay`s Account details link. Enter your Account ID Site ID and Site Security Code
  • Save the changes and enable this payment method.



MultiSafepay accepts payments in EUR, USD and GBP.

How to test it

To test the payment gateway you can enable the test mode on the payment method configuration page by activating the "Enable test mode (no charges)" option.

A test facility is available using the following credentials:


#4111111111111111 Correct
#4012888888881881 Error reason invalid balance
#4012888888881882 card number error (this can already be handled via the card number control script)


#5105105105105100 Correct
#5555555555554444 Error reason invalid balance




Account number: 123456
Bankcode: 44448888


Select „InternalIssuerSimulation‟; this will run the payment (the iDeal payment will  not be put on paid).

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