Phone support in Ecwid

Ecwid is now offering phone support via call-back requests made in your Ecwid Control Panel.

How to schedule a call

To request a call-back:

  1. In your Ecwid Control Panel click Get Help in the top right corner.
  2. Click Chat-in to Schedule a Call-back.
  3. Fill out the fields in the dialog and click Start Chatting.
  4. The agent serving the chat will help you to book a call from us and will note down the questions you want to discuss over the phone.
We will call you back between 2pm – 10pm PDT (5pm – 1am EDT) from Monday to Friday. We speak English only.

Why Ecwid doesn’t offer an available phone line

Ecwid offers 24/5 online support via email and live chats for all paid plans. We believe that we can provide the best assistance online, as the phone support generally doesn’t have the following benefits:

  • immediate access to your account details, storefront view and activity. With these details at hand when chatting online, the troubleshooting becomes quicker and easier;
  • visual presentation. In online chats we can get the precise idea of what you are seeing by checking your screenshots and your storefront, share how-to videos, screenshots and links to helpful guides.
  • consistent request tracking. We can always check your previous chats history and emails.

Why customers have to wait for a call-back

We provide the phone support on a scheduled basis to be able to provide the same level of assistance as in emails and chats.

Before we call you back, we give your store a check-up that helps us realize your issue, learn more about your business and have a productive, targeted talk.

This is especially vital in case of complex technical inquiries. When we are prepared, we can come up with better solutions.

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