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Checking if your site appears in Google

Google and other search engines like Bing take time to crawl content from your website. There are no predictions or guarantees about when the site will be indexed. New sites, hidden pages or sites with keywords that don’t match keywords visitors are using may not appear in search results.

The same way, it takes time for search engines to recognize that the site was deleted, URL was changed, or content is outdated.

Checking if Google indexed your site

To see if search engines like Google and Bing have already indexed your site, in a search bar enter "site:" followed by the URL of your domain. For example, "":


In search results, you should see all of your site's pages — that means that Google is indexing your site. You will also see how many pages have been indexed so far. If none of your pages appear, it means that your site has not been indexed yet.

Helping search engines to crawl your site

To make it faster for your site to appear in search results, you can follow the checklist for each search engine that will help to speed up crawling.

To make Google discover your online store faster:

  1. Verify your site with Google Search Console.
  2. Help Google discover the right content on your site by adding your Sitemap to the Search Console.
  3. Use keywords on your site’s content and product descriptions.
  4. Follow the comprehensive SEO checklist for the Ecwid site and store.

For Bing, follow the checklist on their website.

Removing your site from search results

Deleting a site or changing its URL doesn’t mean Google or other search engines will instantly update search results for your website. It takes time for them to recognize that the site, page, or image are no longer available.

You can speed up the process in two steps:

  1. Disable indexation
  2. Submit the request to manually remove the site

Step 1 — Disabling indexation

Disabling indexation will block your site from appearing in the search results.

Once you stop the indexation, you can ask Google or Bing to remove your site from their search results.

Step 2 — Requesting removing the site

Requests to manually delete the site will be accepted for sites verified on Google or Bing. Otherwise, you will have to wait for search engines to automatically remove your site.

Learn how to manually request removals with:

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