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Setting up discounts

You can create conditional and unconditional discounts, coupons, and promo campaigns to attract more customers to the store, boost sales or dispose of some slow-moving items.

Creating sale prices and promotions is versatile: you can set up discounts for individual items, create rules for discounts to apply, schedule a sale, put on sale several categories or your entire store. For instance, you can offer a 50% discount on all of your products during Black Friday.

Sale prices for individual products

You can put individual products on sale by creating sale prices, or “Compare to” prices, for them. The current price will be discounted compared to the earlier price.

Once you add a “Compare to” price for an item, Ecwid will automatically calculate the discount amount and show the discount label next to the product price.

This feature is especially useful if you want to offer discounted prices just for several individual items.

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Advanced discount for store-wide sale

Advanced discounts allow you to create unconditional discounts across the entire store, or just specific products and categories. Discounted items will have the “Compare to” price, so the original price is shown struck out, and the product gets the "ON SALE" label.

You can schedule a sale by choosing the beginning and ending date for prices to change. Later, you can reuse advanced discounts since all of them are stored in your Ecwid admin.

The feature comes in handy when you want to run a store-wide sale or create sale prices for a large amount of items at once.

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Automatic discounts

Ecwid allows to set percent (X% off) or absolute value ($X off) discounts that depend on order subtotal, the group to which a customer belongs or a combination of the two (a subtotal amount and a customer group). Discounts based on order subtotal can stimulate customers to spend more. Discounts based on customer groups can be used as a reward program for your loyal customers.

To add a discount in your Ecwid admin, go to Marketing → Automatic Discounts page. Once the discount is set up, it will be automatically calculated in the Shopping Cart during the checkout.

Before adding discounts for customer groups, you need to set up the groups in your Ecwid admin (go to  Settings → Customer Groups page) and add customer profiles to them (go to My Sales → Customers page).

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Bulk discount pricing

If you want to stimulate customers to buy more items in one order or dispose of some slow moving inventory, you can introduce discounts based on the quantity of items purchased.

Once this discount is set up, Ecwid will show automatic notices for customers, suggesting to add more items to cart to get a discount.

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Discount coupons

A discount coupon code is a secret code which a customer can use to get a discount when making a purchase.

Discount coupons are very flexible in Ecwid. They can be used for free shipping offers, percent and absolute discounts. You can limit them to certain products, categories, and number of uses.

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"Buy One Get One" promotions

One of the great marketing tactics for getting rid of leftover stock items is BOGO(F) — Buy One, Get One (Free).

The BOGO app for Ecwid introduces the new sales option for you to up-sell the leftover stock with a discount or for free if they are bought together with items selling well.

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Ways to inform customers about special offers

The effectiveness of your promotions depends heavily on the customer awareness: the more people know about the special offers running in your store, the more sales you can expect.

You can promote your hot deals inside your online store, on your website, in your blog, your social page or send out promo newsletters. Use as many channels as you can to spread the word among your potential customers and your promo campaigns will not go unnoticed.

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It's possible to set up custom discounts with the help of a custom script based on Ecwid API. If you need help with programming this script, our Customization team can develop it for you on a paid basis.

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