Switching between Ecwid stores

If you have several Ecwid accounts, you can navigate between them without having to log in to each account separately. You can easily switch between your stores using one common login:

Store switcher

Switching between multiple accounts from one place can be achieved with the use of a staff account — you can invite yourself (the store admin) to be added as a staff member in another store. Then, after signing in at https://my.ecwid.com/cp/, you will see the store switcher where you can choose which store to manage.

Staff accounts can be added to Ecwid stores that are on Business (up to 2 staff accounts) or Unlimited (100 staff accounts) plans.

Let’s say you have two Ecwid accounts: "Store A" is registered to the store-a@store-a.com email address and "Store B" is registered to store-b@store-b.com. Now assume you want to use store-a@store-a.com as the common login to navigate between stores.

To bundle two (or more) Ecwid accounts:

  1. Log in to the admin panel of "Store B".
  2. Navigate to My Profile → Staff Accounts.
  3. Click + Add staff member:

Bundling two stores

  1. Add your “Store A” email in the Enter the email of the person whom you would like to invite field and click Send Invite:

Invite admin as a staff

  1. Open the inbox associated with your "Store A" account (the store-a@store-a.com inbox in our example) and accept the invitation to join the "Store B" team.
  2. Enter the admin panel with your “Store A” admin login (the store-a@store-a.com email address in our example) and choose which store you’d like to access:

Choose a store without having to log in

You can even switch directly to “Store B” while in “Store A”, and vice versa. In the top right corner of the store you are currently in, you will find the My Stores link — you can use this tool to quickly switch to another bundled store:

Switch between the stores

You can unbundle the stores at any time by logging into the “Store B” account as an administrator at https://my.ecwid.com/cp/ and removing the "Store A" login email from the staff list in the “Store B” My Profile → Staff Accounts section.

Staff accounts have no access to the Billing & Plans and Staff Accounts sections of the managed store. You’ll need to log in directly to that store’s admin panel using your admin credentials in order to access that information.
Are you creating Ecwid stores for your friends or clients and want to manage them all in one place? Check out our Ecwid Reseller Program for more details.
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