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Switching between Ecwid stores

When you manage multiple Ecwid accounts, you can seamlessly switch between them without the need to log in separately into each. 

Switching between multiple accounts can be achieved with the use of staff accounts. All you have to do is invite yourself (the store admin) to be added as a staff member in another store. Once you accept the invitation, you can switch between accounts on the login page, or directly from your store admin.

Staff accounts can be added to Ecwid stores that are on Business (up to 2 staff accounts) or Unlimited (100+ staff accounts) plans.

Bundling Ecwid stores

Let’s say you have two Ecwid accounts: Store A is registered to the email address and Store B is registered to You want to use as the common login to navigate between stores.

To bundle two (or more) Ecwid accounts:

  1. Log in to the admin panel of Store B.
  2. Navigate to My Profile → Staff Accounts.
  3. Click + Add staff member:

    Switching between Ecwid stores (1).png

  4. In the Staff member's email address field, add your Store A email and click Send Invite:

    staff member.png

  5. Open the inbox associated with your Store A account (the in our example) and accept the invitation to join the Store B team.

Switching between Ecwid accounts

After you bundle your Ecwid accounts, you can switch between them on the desktop.

There are two ways you can switch between your accounts. First, is from the login page. You have to enter the admin panel with your Store A admin login (the in our example) and choose which store you’d like to access:

Switching between Ecwid stores (3).png

Second way is to switch to Store B while in Store A. At the top right corner of the store, you will find the My Stores dropdown—click it to quickly switch to another bundled store:

Switching between Ecwid stores (4).png

It’s possible to switch between stores in the Ecwid mobile app for Android (not available for iOS yet). For this, you don’t need to create a staff account. Simply open the mobile app, navigate to Store → App Settings and scroll down to Add Store Account. Tap Sign In and login to your other account. After you bundle stores, go to Store → App Settings → Switch Store Account to switch between the store admins.

Unbundling Ecwid stores

You can unbundle the stores you connected by removing the staff members from your main store.

To unbundle Ecwid store:

  1. Go to and log into the Store B account (the same store you logged in to when creating a bundle).
  2. Go to My Profile → Staff Accounts section.
  3. Locate the Store A login email in the list of staff members.
  4. Сlick Edit Member.
  5. On the opened page, click Remove staff member.
  6. Confirm that you want to delete this staff account.
Staff accounts have no access to the Billing & Plans and Staff Accounts sections of the managed store. You’ll need to log in directly to that store’s admin panel using your admin credentials in order to access that information.
Are you creating Ecwid stores for your friends or clients and want to manage them all in one place? Check out our Ecwid Reseller Program for more details.
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