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Congrats on launching your store! Now it’s time to get some traffic. There are many ways you can market your business online. But make sure you choose the ones that will work for you and your business!
Check out our tips on some basic online marketing methods to kick-start traffic to your store.

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Social Media

Explore your social media options wisely and use platforms that best showcase your products and reach the audience you’re looking for.

  • Create business pages on all main social networks like Facebook and Instagram
  • Spread the news about your store on your business and personal social pages
  • Set up the Facebook pixel and start building the ad campaign on Facebook
  • Set up an advertising campaign on Instagram
  • Advertise on Pinterest
To figure out where to begin, look at your site’s analytics. Where are the people who spend the most time on your site coming from? Those networks may be worth advertising on.
See the social features you can use for your Ecwid store.


When planning the content strategy for your online store, make the interests of existing and potential customers your priority. Educate them and share exclusive product information.

  • Create manual meta tags for products: a simple way to a better SEO in your store.
  • Start a blog about your products
  • Use Quora and forums for getting traffic by answering questions related to your business, products, or services.
  • PR: apply publications to local news outlets (perhaps your neighborhood daily or weekly newspaper/website) or specialty blogs.
  • Create videos – behind the scenes, lookbooks, testimonials, overviews, etc.
  • Collect product reviews to build trust with your audience, promote individual products, and create a database of user-generated content to use in future marketing efforts.


Emails is the most cost-effective way of reaching out to your customers. Email blasts will always contain a reason to have your customer visit the store and can hit a large amount of customers at one time. Return business is always a great thing for your store.

  • Set up pop-up email capture forms to collect subscribers
  • Send emails regularly with info on new products, promotions or sales
  • Segment the base for a better engagement
  • Use a contest to incentivize email signups
Check out the tools for sending out newsletters in Ecwid.


Customers love feeling like they are receiving a great deal on their purchases, which is why special offers and promotions are effective for producing real conversions.

  • Give a discount for signing up for your newsletter
  • Reward loyal customers based on their frequency of purchases or amount of money spent
  • Offer discounts throughout the year, such as semi-annual sales to clear out last season’s inventory to make room for the new season.
  • Run a BOGO(F) (Buy-One-Get-One(-Free) promo for a limited time to create a sense of urgency, pushing customers to making a purchase.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Paid ads is an opportunity to generate qualified traffic and also spend a lot of money very quickly. Paradigms like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising see a marketer place an ad on the internet and pay a flat rate every time it is clicked.

  • Paid search ads and ads through Google are currently the premiere PPC ad system. You’ll want to get started with Google AdWords, and the tools are easy to use. If you are absolutely new to PPC Advertising, Google AdWords Express is an amazing tool that can help you master the AdWords system.
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