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In your Ecwid store you can sell digital products (e-goods) like software, audio and video files, e-books, graphics. Digital products are delivered to customers by downloading. 

Selling digital goods is available on all Ecwid paid plans, excluding Wix Starter plan. Upgrade to get this feature

How digital products (e-goods) work

Customers can add digital products to their carts and go to checkout just the same as with regular physical products. When an order with a digital product is processed, Ecwid sends the download link to the customer by email. Customers can also download their purchased products from the order details in their account in your store. 

Ecwid will send a notification with the download link only when the order is Paid.

This feature is available on paid plans only and the sizes of e-goods files vary depending on your plan. The file size limits for Ecwid plans are:

Venture – 100MB
Business – 1GB
Unlimited – 10GB

There is no limit for the number of your e-goods or their downloads, so you can upload and sell as many as you need. 

Adding a digital product

To add a digital product:

  1. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Catalog → Products
  2. Click a product to edit or create a new one.
  3. Open the Files tab:

Open the Files tab

  1. Click +Upload Files.
  2. In the popup click Choose file:

Choose file on your computer

  1. Select the file on your computer. 
  2. Click to add more files.
  3. Click Upload Files.
  4. Enter file description:

Add a description to the file

  1. Click Save.

These files will be available for customers only after they purchase this product.

Protecting download links

You can prevent your customers from sharing download links (and therefor files) in the following ways:

  1. Set the link lifetime. This means that the link will expire after the period time you set;
  2. Limit the number of downloads per link. Thos means that customers will be able to download the link only a certain number of times.

To set these limits:

  1. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → General → Cart & Checkout.
  2. Scroll to to the E-goods section:

Setting limits for your downloads

  1. Set the limits:
    • Link lifetime, in hours
    • Number of download attempts

You can set one of the options or both of them at the same time or any of them. 


  • Lifetime is 24 hours, number of download attempts is empty: the link is available for 24 hours only, with unlimited number of downloads;
  • Lifetime is empty, the number of download attempts is 5: the link is available without any time limits, but can be downloaded 5 times per order only;
  • Lifetime is 48 hours, the number of download attempts is 3: the link is available for 48 hours and can be downloaded 3 times per order.
When needed, the store administrator can manually regenerate any download link or force expire it in the Order details of the necessary order. After regeneration a new link will be sent to the customer, so they will be able to download the file again. After forced expiration, the link will become unavailable for customers immediately.

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