Requesting additional information from customers

In some cases you may need to get some extra information about your customers before checkout. It might be:

  • tax ID number 
  • "How did you find us" survey
  • additional information about a customer
  • a general comment or instruction to the order
  • feedback on the store
  • some specific considerations that your customer would like to attach like a gift note or preferred delivery time
  • any message, depending on the specific business you do. Ecwid provides two approaches which give your customers an opportunity to leave comments to the whole order as well as to every item in particular.

1. If you want your customers to leave comments for an order on checkout, use the Order Comments tool.

You can enable the Order comments box in your Ecwid admin, Settings → General → Cart & Checkout, in the Order comments block:

Order comments

Order comments can later be available in order’s details in your Ecwid admin, My Sales → Orders.

This is how this block looks for your customers:


You can also use the How did you find us app. It is free.

2. If you want your customers to leave a comment about each item in the order, you can use product options. The customers will be able to leave their comments to each product in the order, which will as well be reflected on the order details page. You can enable the product options on the Options tab in your Ecwid admin, go to Catalog → Products, the product details page. Click New option, name it, choose Text Field in the input type drop-down menu. Tick Required option if you want it to be obligatory, save the changes:

Using options to get information from cutomers

Here is how it looks in your store:

Example: a gift note

3. If you want to have an additional field which can work as an alternative to a custom field in the checkout form, there is a workaround: in your Ecwid admin, go to Settings → General → Cart & Checkout, enable the Ask for the company name option. This will enable the Company field in the address forms on checkout. Then rename it the way you need.

This custom solution will provide you with an additional field on checkout. The information will as well be available on the order details page.

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