One-page online checkout in Ecwid

Your Ecwid store has a secure one-page checkout where your customers enter their shipping and payment details and leave order comments before placing orders.

The one-page checkout is enabled for all new Ecwid stores. If you’ve been selling with Ecwid for a while, switch to the “Next-gen Storefront” in Settings → What’s New.

Checkout steps

After a shopper chooses products and adds them to the shopping cart, they can proceed to checkout and make a purchase. Checkout in Ecwid consists of one page with several steps that shoppers need to take.

If you’ve enabled automatic inventory tracking in your store, shoppers can add only in-stock products to their shopping carts. Shopping cart content is also checked against your product inventory to help you prevent overselling. If the products in the cart are still in stock, buyers can proceed with their purchase.

Shopper enters email address

The first step for customers at checkout is entering their email address:

Email address

Email address is captured at the beginning of order placement to ensure that you have the contact details of those shoppers who can drop out at this point, for example, due to poor internet connection or being distracted. Your store forms a list of abandoned carts so that you can send out reminders to customers that intended to purchase products or services but didn’t buy them.

Abandoned cart saver is available on Business and Unlimited plans.Upgrade

To this email address buyers receive order notifications to track their order status. Ecwid automatically creates a customer account for every new email address entered in this field. Customers can sign in with this email address to their customer accounts at any time and check their order history.

If you prefer to gather shoppers’ phone numbers instead of their email addresses when they start to checkout, you can use the Checkout with Phone Number app from Ecwid app market.

Shopper chooses from delivery options

After entering email address and clicking on Checkout, shopper proceeds to the Delivery options step to provide shipping address and choose from the shipping/delivery options that you’ve enabled in your store and that are available for the order:

Shipping and Delivery

A buyer needs to choose one shipping method for all products from one order. Your store checks what shipping methods are enabled in your store and shows only those from them that can be used for an order based on total order weight, dimensions, customer location, etc.

If you sell downloadable products or services, you should untick the option Requires shipping or pickup on product editing pages, so that shoppers buying intangible products skip the Delivery options step. And on the contrary, if you sell physical products, make sure that the “Requires shipping or pickup” option is ticked on these product editing pages to enable shipping for these items.

Your store automatically detects customer’s location using the MaxMind GeoIP service to show estimated shipping to the shopper in the shopping cart, hence the shipping fields like country and city can be prefilled for your customers at checkout.

The estimated shipping shows the cost of the first shipping method available for the order from the list of shipping methods enabled in your Ecwid control panel → Shipping & Pickup section. You can sort the shipping methods there, so that low-priced shipping methods go first and the estimated shipping is based on them when possible.

Shopper chooses from payment options

After a shopper enters shipping information and picks shipping/delivery method available for the order, it’s time for them to decide how they want to pay for the order. Shoppers see all payment methods that you’ve enabled in Ecwid control panel → Payments:

Payment information

You can add a payment instruction for a payment method and, when a shopper picks it at checkout, the instruction will appear below the list of your payment methods. Payment instructions help to describe customers how they can pay for an order, for example, how to pay with an offline payment method if they are unable or unwilling to pay online.

If you need to collect billing addresses of your buyers, you can add the Billing Address section to the Payment options step at checkout. Collecting customers' billing address can help you prevent chargebacks and fraud, since some payment gateways can verify whether a billing address entered at checkout matches what the card issuing bank has on file (if addresses don’t match, the attempted purchase may not go through):

Billing address

To add the Billing Address section, go to Ecwid control panel → Settings → General, click the Cart&Checkout tab and enable the Ask for a billing address during checkout setting.

Ecwid is differently integrated with payment gateways for credit card processing and this affects the checkout flow. With some gateways the credit card form is securely embedded right in the store checkout and shoppers stay at your site during the entire checkout process. With some payment processors customers visit the processor’s site for entering credit card details and then they are returned to your store and see the Thank you for your order page. You can learn more about it in the FAQ about online payments in Ecwid.

Shopper places order

After choosing the desired method of payment and specifying payment details, shoppers click on the Place Order button (it can say Pay or Pay with PayPal, depending on the payment method). Then buyers see their order details at the Thank you for your order page and in the Order Confirmation email that hits their inbox.

Thank you for your order page

Check what customer notifications your store can send.

Editing checkout form options

You can display some fields and sections at your store checkout or hide them.

Extra fields

To gather some additional information from customers at checkout, you can enable the Order Comments section or Ask for company name field. Both can be easily re-named in case you need different labels for these forms. Learn more about requesting additional information from customers.

In case you don’t collect phone numbers of customers, you can rename the Phone Number field at checkout to gather different data through it. You can choose whether this field should be mandatory for filling out or optional. To make it mandatory, tick the Require phone number at checkout option in Ecwid control panel → Settings → General, Cart&Checkout tab.

If you want to change the order of fields at checkout, hide or add new sections there or otherwise tailor it to your business needs, you can customize your store using CSS or API. Here you can find a few examples of how checkout can be customized.


You may want to add some announcements to your store’s checkout, for instance, about special shipping conditions till some date. You can use the free app Checkout Notices from Ecwid app market to display important information on the checkout page.

“I Agree To” checkboxes

You can ask your customers to agree with your store’s Terms and Conditions before they can proceed with checkout.

Terms and conditions

To add a checkbox at checkout to ask customers to accept your store terms:

  1. Go to the Ecwid control panel → Settings → General → Legal Pages tab;
  2. Enable the Show “I agree with Terms & Conditions” checkbox at checkout setting.

Now the shoppers have to agree with the terms to be able to proceed with checkout.

To see how to add a privacy policy, terms & conditions, and other legal pages to your Ecwid store, please refer to Legal pages in Ecwid.

You can also add a checkbox at checkout to collect customers’ consent to receive your marketing emails:

Opt-in for emails

To add a checkbox at checkout that asks customers to agree with being on your marketing mailing list:

  1. Go to Ecwid control panel → Settings → General → Cart&Checkout tab;
  2. Scroll to Newsletters section and enable the Request customers' approval for your marketing emails at checkout option.

Learn more about requesting customers’ approval for your promo emails.


Is my Ecwid checkout secure?

Yes, when you use Ecwid, all sensitive information is sent via HTTPS secure protocol during checkout.

My customers see pre-defined values in checkout fields. Why?

When a customer goes to checkout, Ecwid determines customer’s country, city and zip code based on the IP address (we use MaxMind's GeoIP solution) and prefills fields with these values. This helps shoppers to check out faster (which means more sales for you). Besides, your customers see estimated shipping and tax cost as soon as they open the cart page.

If you get incorrect predefined values, it means that MaxMind databases don't have the correct value for your IP. In this case, open and check how it determines your location. If you see the correct values on that page, it means that the problem is already fixed in the newest MaxMind database and it will be fixed soon in Ecwid, too (we update our geo-IP databases on monthly basis). If you see incorrect values on that page, then please send a correction and MaxMind will fix the problem.

How to show only countries I ship to at checkout?

You need to set up destination zones for the countries where you will ship orders to. Then assign them to your shipping options. After that, at checkout, customers will be able to choose only from the countries that you ship to.

If you only ship within one country, the country dropdown doesn’t appear at all – instead, your customers see a message saying that your store ships within that country. The same is true for the states/regions.

Why does the checkout say that no payment methods are available at this time?

This message appears if there are no enabled payment methods in your store. To fix the issue, log into Ecwid Control Panel → Payment page and enable at least one payment method.

I don't want to process orders online. Can I get notifications when my customers select products?

Yes, it is possible. How to implement this:

  • Disable all payment methods except Phone order in the Ecwid Control panel → Payments.
  • Rename it to Place order, for example. You can rename it by clicking its name.
  • Make sure that all your products do not have a weight assigned. In this case, Ecwid will omit the Delivery options checkout step.
  • Modify your mail notifications or disable them.

How can I offer free promotional goods?

See the instructions in the article: Offering free samples.

Can I upsell products at checkout?

Sure. You can show the related products at checkout to encourage more sales.

I sell digital products. How do I remove all the shipping stuff from checkout?

You need to uncheck the Requires shipping or pickup boxes option if you go to the Ecwid Control panel > Catalog > Products and click on a product. These products will be regarded digital and thus the shipping step will be skipped at checkout.

How can wholesale customers get their discount?

After you set up discounts for a group of customers, customers from this group should log into their account in your storefront. They will see the discount on the cart page.

How long do the added products remain in the cart?

The cart content never expires. It is tied to a customer's browser and will be cleared only if a customer clears his/her browser's local storage/cookies. It was implemented intentionally to increase sales of all Ecwid merchants. When a customer adds something to bag and proceeds to "Your Shopping Bag" page, there is "Your cart contents are stored here for 30+ days so you can return anytime" message displayed, so the customer can feel safe about the things already added to cart, but not purchased yet. They can come back to your store later and finish the purchase.

A product added to cart doesn't affect the global store's inventory. It affects the look of the store for this particular customer only.  The global inventory is changed only when the customer places their order. Thus, if one customer adds a product to cart, all the other customers will see the the same number of items in stock for this product as you really have in your store at that moment and they can buy the product. 

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