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Requesting additional information from customers

In some cases, you may need to get some extra information from your customers regarding their order. It might be a note (e.g., writing on a cake), a delivery request (e.g., “Leave package at the front door”), an answer to the "How did you find us" survey or any other specific information depending on the business you run.

In Ecwid, you can ask an extra information by adding additional fields:

Learn how you can ask customers to verify their age

Requesting information on a product page

You can add an extra field to a product card using input fields. When a customer clicks on a product in your store, they will see a text field where they can enter the required information. It can be a request for a gift wrapping, a cake inscription, a card message, or any other personalizing note. What is more, you can collect files from buyers. For example, shoppers can attach a photo they want to print on a pillow or a mug.

To create a text field on a product page or offer a file attachment, select an item from your catalog and go to the Options tab. Click + Add Input Field and create a new field depending on your needs—Text Field (for a short comment), Text Area (for a long one), or File Uploader (to let customers attach files). For detailed instructions, please refer to the Input fields article

Once you add an input field, your customers can personalize their order:


After a customer makes an order, you will find their comment or attached file on the order’s details page:


Requesting information at checkout

You can add extra fields to any checkout step to allow customers to provide the information you need before placing the order. For example, convey additional details on delivery, specify their tax ID, or ask not to include a check since they are buying a gift.

To create a custom field, go to Settings → General → Cart & Checkout Custom checkout fields → Add Custom Fields → Add Field and follow the wizard. You can make filling out the fields mandatory or voluntary for your customers. The information that you collect via custom checkout fields will appear in the order details in the block that you choose, and it can also appear in invoices and/or in your store’s notifications if you wish.

Here is how a custom field can look at the “Email address” step of checkout:


Learn about other options for requesting extra details from customers at checkout →

To ask customers about their tax IDs based on their location and status (direct or business customer), please refer to the Asking for customers’ tax ID at checkout article.

Contacting customers personally

If you prefer to contact customers personally to clarify the details of the order, collect feedback, or for any reason whatsoever, you can send them an email or make a phone call.

Shoppers add contact information during checkout. By default, only emails are required to make a purchase, but you can make a phone number mandatory as well. For this, enable the Require phone number at checkout option in Settings → General, Cart & Checkout.

You will find customers’ contact information on the order's details page:


If you use Ecwid mobile app, you can call customers without leaving the app. Just tap Orders, then select the order and tap the phone icon.

Collecting customers phones doesn't affect Google Pay and PayPal Express Checkout. If you're using these payment options, you can add custom fields to checkout to collect phone numbers of your customers.

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