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Vend is online point-of-sale software. Find out more about Vend here

Why connect my Vend account to Ecwid

If you are using Vend for your point-of-sale (POS) and want to build an online store based on Ecwid OR you are using Ecwid online store and want to start offline business, you will be able to sell and sync your products via both online and offline channels.

  • You can import all your Product catalog from Vend into Ecwid (and vice versa).
  • When a sale is made in Vend, the stock is updated in Ecwid (and vice versa).
  • When an order is received in Ecwid, we sync the order into Vend.
  • Products are synchronized between Ecwid & Vend.

How to connect Vend to Ecwid

If you are a Vend user and want to create Ecwid online store or attach it to Vend:

  1. In Vend Control Panel go to Setup > Add-ons.
  2. In the list of apps find the Ecwid extension and click the "Find out more" button. You will be redirected to the landing page for Vend users Ecwid offers a free trial on the Business plan to all Vend merchants.
  3. Click the "Get started" button to register your Ecwid store.
  4. Follow the configuration wizard to set up your store.
To get the trial Business subscription, you should register at this page

If your are an Ecwid user and want to start using Vend:

  1. Your store should be upgraded to Ecwid Unlimited plan
  2. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel > Settings> POS
  3. Select "Vend"
  4. Follow the configuration wizard
  5. During the configuration, you will be prompted to create and configure a new Vend account. Please check Vend’s Help Portal at to learn more about the configuration process.

Connection restrictions

We have the following connection restrictions:

  • You can only connect if you have a single currency in Ecwid and it matches the one in Vend.
  • You can only connect if the tax configuration in Ecwid and Vend matches (i.e., both inclusive or exclusive).
  • You should be on Business + POS or higher plan to use Vend integration.

How to import products from Vend into Ecwid and from Ecwid into Vend

Importing products from Vend into Ecwid is really easy. Please, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Ecwid Control panel.
  2. Go to Catalog > Products and click the "Vend" tab. 
  3. Click "Upload Ecwid products to Vend" or "Upload Vend products to Ecwid".​
  4. Tick one or more products to be imported. To import all products, click "Upload all" link.
  5. Click "Add products" and the import will begin.  

Things to be aware of:

  • The tax configuration in Vend should be the same as in Ecwid (i.e., both set to tax inclusive or exclusive).
  • If "Track stock levels" is enabled in Vend for a product, we turn stock control on by default. If you don't want the stock control on, please switch it off manually after import.
  • Once products are imported, we assume stock control settings in both Ecwid and Vend are kept the same, i.e., both on or both off.
  • We don't set a low stock threshold, you'll need to set this manually.
  • We don't import the brand information.
  • We don't support composite products in Ecwid, so they cannot be imported.
  • For sub products, Vend sets pricing for each variation combination, therefore we also set pricing on each sub product, even if the price is the same.

How are Vend and Ecwid synchronized

The following synchronisation rules are applied:

Vend -> Ecwid

Ecwid -> Vend

When a product is updated in Vend, we update the stock, code, title and description in Ecwid.

We don't update the image because you may have an improved image version for the web.

We don't update the product image. Vend API doesn’t allow to upload images

When a new product is added in Vend, we don't add it automatically in Ecwid, you must use the import. This is so you can categorize / tag it correctly. Don't worry, we omit any products you've already imported.

When a variation for product is added in Vend, and the product is synchronised with Ecwid, we automatically add the variant into Ecwid.

When a product is added to Ecwid, you can optionally choose to add it into Vend.

When a combination for product is added to Ecwid, and the product is synchronized with Vend, we automatically add the variant into Vend.

When a product is deleted from Vend, we don't delete it from Ecwid. You may still want this product to be available online.

When a product is deleted in Ecwid, we don't delete it from Vend.

When a product is deactivated in Vend, we don't unpublish it in Ecwid. You may still want this product to be available online.

When a product is disabled in Ecwid, we don't deactivate it in Vend.

When an item is sold in Vend, the stock is automatically updated in Ecwid.

We don't add an order into Ecwid, they are kept separate.

When an item is sold in Ecwid, the stock is automatically updated in Vend.

If you enabled the "Post Ecwid sales to Vend" option in the settings, Ecwid will send the new order to Vend.

When I add/update products in Ecwid, my changes do not appear in Vend

There are a couple of things to check:

  1. Vend requires a Product name and SKU to be provided. If you don't provide these in Ecwid, we are unable to add or update them in Vend.
  2. Make sure your current plan limit hasn't been reached.

How to disconnect Vend from Ecwid

  1. Go to Ecwid Control panel > System Settings > POS > Disconnect Vend.
  2. Click the "Disconnect service" button to confirm that you want to disconnect.
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