Customer notifications

When you get and process orders, your customers can get email notifications about it. The following messages are available:

  • Order Confirmation is sent to a customer when they place an order. This email contains information about order items, shipping, billing, and order status.
  • Order Status Changed is sent when order status changes to inform the customer about the progress of order fulfillment.
  • Order Shipped is sent when you ship an order and change its status to "Shipped" or assign a tracking number. With this email, the customer knows that the purchased items are on their way.
  • Order is Ready for Pickup is sent when you change the order status to "Ready for Pickup" to notify the customer that purchased items are ready for pickup.
  • Download e-goods is sent to a customer when the order’s status is changed to “Accepted” and their digital order is ready for download.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery is a message that reminds the shopper about their unfinished order. Read more about abandoned cart savers.

You can enable/disable these notifications or edit their templates in Ecwid control panel → Settings → Mail page.

Ecwid uses AMP technology to dynamically display the up-to-date information about payment and fulfillment order statuses right in the single Order Confirmation notification that a buyer receives upon a purchase. The buyer can check the dynamic order confirmation in mailbox at anytime to find out the actual status of the order.
Currently, dynamic content is available to US customers and in Gmail only. For customers using other mail clients the regular static email notification content is shown.
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