Real-time rates from carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.)

You can connect your online store with a carrier company that will calculate the shipping rates in real time based on the order weight, parcel or product dimensions, cart price and delivery address. The shipping fees provided by these carriers will be displayed at checkout.

See a video about setting up carrier calculated shipping:

Integrated providers

Ecwid can receive the automatic shipping rates from several carrier companies:

To enable the automatic calculated rates in your store:

  1. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Shipping & Pickup.
  2. Click Add Shipping Method.
  3. Select the carrier company that you ship with. The carrier companies are suggested depending on your country. Click Set up.

Choose carrier

  1. If you don't see the needed carrier among the suggested options, you can view all carriers or change your country below.

View all carriers

  1. Choose Automatic calculated rates from the chosen carrier and click Set up.
    If you are going to ship worldwide and offer all the available shipping options from the set carrier, no additional set up is needed.

Set up rates

If you are going to ship orders within a certain area and you want to offer particular shipping methods at checkout, you can edit the settings of the shipping method.

To select what methods will be offered to customers at checkout:

  1. Click Actions → Edit next to the set carrier-calculated option.
  2. In the Shipping options section enable the rates you want to offer at checkout and disable those you don't need. Changes are saved automatically.

Enable shipping methods

If you want to disable particular shipping methods for some products from your catalog, define which shipping methods should be available for the item.

To select the area where the shipping method can be offered:

    1. Click Actions → Edit next to the set carrier-calculated option.
    2. Select a destination zone from the Shipping region drop-down under the Shipping settings block.
    3. Click Save.

Change shipping region

Add product or parcel dimensions to receive more accurate rates or use a shipping markup to cover your postage.

Custom providers

If you want to receive real-time shipping rates from the shipping company that is not integrated with Ecwid yet, you can opt for a custom integration, based on the Ecwid Shipping API.

This functionality will work in the form of an application installed into your Ecwid Control Panel that will connect your store to the new shipping company to provide the real-time shipping methods and rates at checkout.

The following shipping companies apps are already available in the Ecwid App Market:

If you need help with integrating a new shipping provider to Ecwid, we can do it for you. Fill out the form Custom feature for your Ecwid store to get a quote and discuss the details.

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