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Selling on Readymag with Ecwid

If you want to have an online store on your Readymag website, you can use Ecwid — a solution to create and add your store on any website. Customers will be able to place orders without leaving your site.

You’ll need to create an Ecwid account if you don’t have one (you can begin with the Free plan). Then you can set up your store and insert it to your site.

You can add the whole store on your Readymag site’s page using the integration code or add the Add to cart button for specific products to different pages. Adding the Add to cart button requires one of the Ecwid paid plans. To add your Ecwid store via the integration code you can be on any Ecwid plan, including Free.

To add an Ecwid store to Readymag, you should have Personal or higher plan in your Readymag account.

Adding your store on Readymag with the code

To add an Ecwid store to Readymag:

  1. Copy your store code: in your Ecwid admin go to Sales channels.
  2. Scroll down to the "Sell on your website" section and click Other platforms and sitebuilders.
  3. Click Copy Code to Clipboard:


  4. Go to your project on Readymag and open the page you want to add your store on.
  5. Click the “+” in the widget bar (or press “W”) and choose the Code widget:


  6. Paste the copied store code to the Widget Code tab:


  7. In the bottom right corner, find Use iFrame option and disable it:


  8. Click Save & Close.

That’s it! Now your Ecwid store is added to your Readymag page. Depending on the size of your store you can adjust the page to the size of your catalog.


Adding the Add to cart button with E-commerce widget

Ecwid has a direct integration with Readymag, so you can insert the Add to cart button on different pages of your website without any code, just using the E-commerce widget. With the help of the widget you can sell products from your Ecwid store directly on your site.

Add to cart button is similar to Ecwid’s Buy button when you can add a button or a product card to your website. Readymag E-commerce widget allows you to create not a whole product card, but a button itself, connected to a specific item in your store. That means you have to upload pictures of your products, their description and prices via Readymag Picture and Text widgets.

When you use an E-commerce widget, Readymag will add the Cart button on every page of your site, so your customers can always check their carts and proceed to checkout after placing an order. Customers will be able to purchase without leaving your site.

To insert Cart button to your Readymag via E-commerce widget you have to connect your Ecwid store first:

  1. Go to your project on Readymag and click the “+” in the widget bar (or press “W”) and click the E-comm widget.
  2. The Cart button will appear. Click on the link across Ecwid to connect it to your Ecwid store:


  3. A new window will open to connect your Readymag page to your Ecwid store. If you are not connected automatically, log in to your Ecwid store in the new window to finish the connection process.

That’s it. Now the Cart button is on every page of your website. You can customize it to match your site design.

Now you can insert the Add button to different pages of your site:

  1. Click on the Cart button and choose the Add product widget in the right menu:


  2. Place the Add to cart button near your product image and link the button to the certain item from your store by clicking the link icon in the right menu and choosing the item from the dropdown menu. If an item has different options in your Ecwid store, they will appear automatically near the Add to cart button, so your customers can choose which item they want to buy:


  3. Repeat the steps as many times as you want to insert more Add to cart buttons to your site.

After you publish your website your customers can add to cart the products they want to buy and pay for them without leaving the site. Here’s how it will look like for your customers:


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