Connecting Ecwid with Constant Contact

You can connect your Ecwid online store with Constant Contact so that new customers automatically get to your Constant Contact customers list. This way you can keep all your customers’ contacts in Constant Contact and communicate with them whenever you need.

To connect Constant Contact to your Ecwid store, you will need to use the Zapier service. You won’t need any coding skills for that. You just need to create a “zap” and select a trigger and an action. This way you set up what action must happen in one system when a certain event (trigger) happens in the other one, i.e. create a new user in Constant Contact when a new customer is registered in your Ecwid store.

Plan availability: You can use Zapier service to connect Constant Contact on Venture, Business, Unlimited plans.

Below is an example of how you can connect Constant Contact to your store to get all your new store customers to your Constant Contact customers list.

To connect Constant Contact with your Ecwid store:

  1. Sign up for an account with Zapier or log in to your existing Zapier account, if you already have one.
  2. In your Zapier account, click Make a zap.
  3. At the “When this happens…” step, in the Choose App & Event section, type “Ecwid” in the search field and click on the Ecwid icon to choose it:


  1. In the Choose Event Trigger section, select New Customer:


  1. Click Continue.
  2. At the “Choose account” step, click Sign in to Ecwid and log into your Ecwid account.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. In the Find Data section, check the retrieved data to see if the right store has been connected.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. At the “Do this” step, search for the Constant Contact app and click on it.
  7. In the Choose Action Event section, select Create Contact.
  8. Click Continue and sign in to your Constant Contact account.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. In the Customize Contact section, select the subscriber list where new customers will automatically be imported to.
  11. Fill out other fields with the customer data that is pulled from your Ecwid store. When you click on a field, you’ll see suggestions of what you can add in the corresponding fields.
  12. Click Continue.
  13. At the Send Data step, check what Ecwid store data is sent to your Constant Contact account. You can click Test & Review or Test & Continue.
  14. Name your zap and click Done Editing.
  15. Click Turn zap on.

That’s it! Now that the zap is set up and active, new customers that appear in your Ecwid store will be automatically sent to your Constant Contact account. See your list of subscribers in your Constant Contact account → Contacts.

To edit or disable the zap, go to your Zapier account → Zaps.

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