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If you want to add Ecwid to your Squarespace website, you need to get the Ecwid integration code and publish it on your Squarespace page.

In this article:

Obtain the Ecwid integration code

  1. In your Ecwid Control Panel go to All Sales Channels → Squarespace.
  2. Click Copy Code to Clipboard.
    Copy code

Now you can proceed to publishing the code on your Squarespace page.

Embed the Ecwid integration code to Squarespace

  1. Login to your Squarespace account.
  2. Navigate to the Pages menu. 
    Squarespace Pages
  3. Open the page where you want your online store to appear in editing mode or click Add Page to create a new page and start editing it.
    Squarespace Add page
  4. Click Add Block icon in the top right corner of the page header and select the Embed content block.
    Embed block
  5. In the Embed dialog click on the </> icon.
    Embed code
  6. Paste the Ecwid integration code you copied to clipboard to the pop-up window and click Set and then Apply
    Pate code
  7. Click Save in the page header to apply the changes.

Now you can check the store in the Preview mode and publish the page live.

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