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Handling fee

A handling fee is an additional charge explicitly added at checkout on top of the product price, taxes, and shipping costs. You can charge a handling fee if you want to cover the cost of any additional expenses related to the order fulfilment, e.g. shipping materials, gift wrap, parcel insurance, rush delivery, etc. 

The handling fee rate will be applied at checkout to all orders that require shipping or pickup.

Plan availability: Venture, Business, Unlimited.
If you need a flexible tool tailored to your business to set shipping or other charges, you can hire the Ecwid Ecommerce development team to create a solution for you.

To add a handling fee:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Shipping & Pickup.
  2. Click Set Up Handling Fee in the Settings block.

    Set Up Handling Fee

  3. Fill out the Title, Amount and Description fields.

    Fee Title, Amount and Description

  4. Click Submit.
Keep your handling fees as low as possible to avoid cart abandonment. For carrier-calculated shipping methods you can add a hidden surcharge with the help of the Shipping Markup option.

The handling fee will be cleared and won’t show up at checkout in case:

  1. All have free delivery
    The shipping step will be skipped at checkout, when the free delivery is enabled for all the goods in the cart.
    You can manage the free delivery for particular items under the Shipping & Pickup tab on the product details page in your Ecwid admin, Catalog → Products.
  2. All are e-goods
    E-goods or digital products do not require physical delivery and the shipping step will be skipped at checkout.
    You can mark a product as digital, if you uncheck the option Requires shipping or pickup under General tab on the product details page in your Ecwid admin, Catalog → Products.
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