Multiple stores, one account

When you have a large store with products in different categories or you have two stores or multiple stores, you might want to sell in different places at the same time. It is very easy to do it with Ecwid.

Selling the same products on multiple websites

If you are interested in selling the same products in multiple places, you can just add your Ecwid store to several websites, blogs, marketplaces and so on.

Your Ecwid store will show there and you will manage all the products and orders from one Control Panel.

Selling different products on different websites

You can have several stores with different sets of products on different sites. You can do it using just one account with Ecwid. The sets of products will be different and the shipping and payment options will be the same for all the storefronts. The orders will be stored in the same Ecwid account.

Here is how to do it.

  1. Assign your products to categories according to the sites where you will be selling. For instance, you sell clothes for men and for women and want to sell them on different sites. You create the "Men clothes" and "Women clothes" categories.
  2. Add these categories as default ones to the corresponding sites: add the "Men clothes" category to the site where you will be selling clothes for men, and the "Women clothes" category to the site where you will be selling clothes for women. See the detailed step-by-step instruction in our article about setting a default category for your site.
You might want to hide the breadcrumbs so that your customers could browse only the category added to the site they opened. See the instruction on how to remove the breadcrumbs.
  1. When you have set the default categories for your sites, your customers who open the site with clothes for men will see only men clothes and those who open the site with clothes for women – women clothes.

The storefronts will look like they are not connected to each other, but as they are set up from the same account, they will share the same payment and shipping options. You can use the same approach to add a store to different pages of the same website.

If your Ecwid store is added to a Wix website, you can add the store only to one website page. As a workaround, add store categories to the website menu so that customers could faster get to the needed category page.

Having different payment and shipping options for each store

If you need to have several stores that should be totally separate from one another and have different products, shipping and payment options, etc, you will need to register several Ecwid accounts – one for each store.

To effectively manage several stores, you can bundle them with a common login.

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