Royal Mail

Royal Mail is a postal service and courier company in the United Kingdom. Your Ecwid online store can automatically show rates for multiple Royal Mail delivery options to your customers. At checkout buyers will see what delivery options are suitable for their shipping address and products’ weight and can choose one for their order.

To use the automatic shipping rates from Royal Mail, your store’s country must be the United Kingdom and the currency of your store must be Pound sterling.

Enabling Royal Mail shipping rates

To offer Royal Mail delivery options with automatically calculated rates at checkout:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Shipping & Setup.
  2. In the Shipping & Delivery box, click +Add Shipping Method.
  3. Click Set Up Royal Mail.
  4. In the Automatically calculated rates from Royal Mail box, click Set Up Royal Mail.

Enable Royal Mail

Once you complete these steps, customers will start seeing Royal Mail delivery options at checkout.

Changing Royal Mail settings

When you enable Royal Mail, the default settings are applied so that you can offer this shipping method in your online store right away. You can change the default settings at any time in your Ecwid admin, Shipping & Pickup → Royal Mail.

You can change the following Royal Mail settings:

  • Choose shipping options. After you enable automatic rates from Royal Mail, two Royal Mail shipping options are pre-enabled, Royal Mail 1st Class and Royal Mail International Economy. If you use other shipping options to send parcels to your customers, enable necessary extra options to offer them at checkout. The following shipping options are supported:
    Domestic International
    Royal Mail 1st class
    Royal Mail 2nd class
    Royal Mail 1st Class Signed
    Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed
    Royal Mail Delivery Guaranteed by 9am
    Royal Mail Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm
    Royal Mail Delivery Guaranteed by 9am With Saturday Delivery
    Royal Mail Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm With Saturday Delivery
    Parcelforce Worldwide express9
    Parcelforce Worldwide express10
    Parcelforce Worldwide expressAM
    Parcelforce Worldwide express24
    Parcelforce Worldwide express48
    Royal Mail International Economy
    Royal Mail International Standard
    Royal Mail International Tracked
    Royal Mail International Signed
    Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed
  • Limit the availability of this shipping method by order subtotal. If the order is below the set amount, this shipping method will be inactive at checkout.
  • Specify shipping region. If you sell and deliver in certain areas only, you can choose for what specific destination zone Royal Mail rates should be offered. In this case customers from other zones won’t see Royal Mail delivery options, you can set up other shipping methods for them if you’d like to.
  • Add shipping markup. You may need to cover additional shipping expenses like handling or packing. In this case you can add a shipping markup — a hidden fixed fee that will increase Royal Mail delivery costs that your customers see at checkout.
  • Set default package size. The default package size is used for the shipping rates calculation if no product dimensions are specified in your catalog. If all your products are approximately of the same size, you can set the default package size in the shipping settings once and use it for all products.
  • Enable Postage paid through Click & Drop. If you pay for parcel delivery online using the Royal Mail Click & Drop service, you can show more accurate rates at checkout by enabling the “Postage paid through Click & Drop” setting. In this case your store will use the discounted online prices from Royal Mail when calculating shipping costs. If this setting is disabled, the store shows the standard Royal Mail rates at checkout.

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