Canada Post

How to set up

1. In order to get live Canada Post rates, you should register at Canada Post first and get a shipping profile. You can sign up at

2. Log in to your Ecwid Control Panel. Make sure that your store currency is Canadian Dollar and your shipping origin address country is Canada.

3. Open Settings Shipping, and add new shipping method of 'Carrier-calculated' type. Choose Canada Post and click the [Account details] link.

Ecwid offers you two options to use online Canada Post rates:

Use our default account (easy and fast way)
Your Ecwid shop will be connected to Canada Post through our Canada Post merchant account. Choose this option if you want to start getting Canada Post rates right away. Click Settings to unfold and edit the following additional settings:

  • Parcel Dimensions
  • Regular Canada Post rates and Discount Rates (notice that the Canada Post Expedited Parcel Shipping Method is only available if you select the "Discount Rates for commercial customers” option)
  • Additional shipping services

Use your own shipping account (advanced way)

Use this option if you already have a merchant account with Canada Post to receive discounted rates or more rates and services that may be available for personal merchant accounts.

Enter Customer NumberUsername and Password.

If you are a Commercial customer, also enter your Contract ID to offer discounted shipping rates at checkout.

You will find the username and password in your Canada Post account:
  • sign in to Canada Post (to Online Business Center)
  • go to ProgramsDeveloper and click Join Developer Program
  • you'll get the table with API Keys:

  • copy Production username and password and insert them to Account Details in the Ecwid Control Panel.

Additionally you can specify product dimensions in order to receive more precise shipping rates.

Click Test method to check your configuration. If all is setup correctly, the test will return 'Test succeeded'. Click OK → Save.


AAA Authentication Failure

This error means that you have wrong username/password in the Canada Post settings: SettingsShippingCarrier-calculated link next to Canada Post method → Account details.

Please, mind, the username and password are not those that you use to sign in to your Canada Post account. Refer to the instructions above to get the right username and password

Canada Post rates are smaller/larger than I expect

Please, refer to this article to find out the reason for the discrepancy: Troubleshooting shipping.

"The {0} option conflicts with the {1} option" error

There are some options that can be applied to a shipment that conflict with the presence of another option. Please, find the list of pairs of options that can't be used together below:

Option name Not compatible with:
Proof of Age Required - 18  Proof of Age Required - 19 
Do not safe drop 
Leave at door - do not card 
Proof of Age Required - 19  Do not safe drop 
Leave at door - do not card 
Collect on Delivery (requires qualifier)  Leave at door - do not card 
Card for pickup Do not safe drop
Leave at door - do not card
Do not safe drop  Leave at door - do not card 
Signature Option Leave at door - do not card
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