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UPS (United Parcel Service) is one of the largest shipment/logistics companies in the world. UPS offers services all over the world and provides online shipping rates. You can set up your Ecwid store to receive UPS rates automatically.

How to set up

To setup your Ecwid shop to receive UPS rates, follow the below steps in Ecwid control panel:

1. Go to Settings → Shipping.

When you're adding a new shipping method, under "Select how you calculate shipping?" select Carrier-calculated and then choose UPS carrier.

2. Click on Account Details link to configure the shipping method. Ecwid offers you two options to use online UPS rates:

Use our default account (easy and fast way)

Your Ecwid shop will be connected to UPS through our UPS merchant account. Choose this option if you want to start getting UPS rates right away. 

Click Settings to unfold additional settings for this shipping method: parcel dimensions

Use your own shipping account (advanced way)

In order to get live UPS rates, associated your own UPS account, you need to connect it with your Ecwid store.This option is also recommended, if you would like to receive more rates and services that are available for personal merchant accounts only. Below are the steps to get your UPS account credentials:

1. Browse to

2. Log in with your User ID and password. If you do not have a User ID and password, click on the"New User link" at the top of the page and follow the prompts to complete the registration process.

If you have already registered for My, we recommend you create a new user ID and password for use with UPS Developer APIs.

3. Hover over the "Support" tab near the top of the page and then click on "Technology Support".

4. Click the "UPS Developer Resource Center" link, located in the Tools and Resources section.

5. Click the "Access the UPS Developer Kit" link, located in the Step 3: Developers: Download APIs section.

6. Click on the "Request an access key" link, located in the How to Get Started section.

7. Complete the "Secondary Contact Information".

8. Select the account number you wish to associate with the Access Key.

  1. If you do not have a UPS account number click the "Open a UPS Account" link.
  2. If you already have a UPS account number but it is not listed, click the "Add a UPS Account" link.

9. Click the "Request Access Key" button.

Return to your Ecwid Control Panel to submit your UPS credentials at "Account Details":

  • Access Key 
  • User ID 
  • Password 

To receive UPS rates, specific to your UPS account, enable Use negotiated rates option and submit your UPS account number.

Click "Settings" link to choose the type of rates and submit your parcel dimensions. 

You can test the shipping method by pressing "Test" button. If the settings are correct, the test will return"Test succeeded".


Can Ecwid get UPS negotiated rates?

Yes, you can enable negotiated rates in your Ecwid control panel:  

  • First of all, you should make sure that your UPS account is eligible for negotiated rates and they're enabled.
  • Log in to your Ecwid control panel and go to Settings → Shipping → Carrier-calculated link → UPS page, click [Account details] link. 
  • Enable "Use negotiated rates" option and enter your "The shipper's UPS account number". A shipper number is required when requesting to receive the negotiated rates. The shipper number is optional when requesting to receive the published rates.  

How does Ecwid get the delivery time estimate which is displayed next to the shipping method names?

Ecwid uses the UPS "Time in Transit" API to get the estimate.  Here is what UPS says about it: 

The Time in Transit API gives customer's applications the ability to determine the delivery time for various UPS services. By submitting a request that contains information about the shipment, including origin, destination, and desired service - UPS can provide the number of days in transit, pickup and delivery times, and an indication of whether or not UPS can guarantee the delivery time. 

This API allows to get much more exact estimation than the usual way (used by other shopping carts) of getting it from the "Rate and Services Selection/Rating" API`s response. 

Can I use the 'UPS Today Express Saver' method? 

As far as we know, UPS Today Express Saver is available for Poland only, UPS doesn't support it for other destinations. So, if both your store's origin address and a customer shipping address are within Poland, UPS Today Express Saver will be available at checkout.

If you have a question on the matter, please contact UPS support. 

Can I check for UPS money-back guaranteed refunds on late deliveries?

UPS carrier company has 100% money-back guarantee on late deliveries. If you ship the packages using UPS and your ground or international shipping arrives late by one minute or more, you may claim for a full refund. 

Collecting your due shipping refunds can be simplified with the help of the 71lbs app for Ecwid. The app handles the monitoring of your UPS shipping accounts and automatically fills the claims on all identified late deliveries. Refunds are credited directly to your shipping account. The 71lbs app is available in our App Market for free.

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