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Using Ecwid store as a catalog

You can use Ecwid to show your products online even if you do not want to sell them online. You can hide or show buy buttons, product names, descriptions, prices, etc. in the design settings. This is a good way to stay relevant with your customers when updating your catalog or closing a seasonal business until sales resume.

Once you’ve created a catalog in your Ecwid account, you can also download it in PDF format to send it via email to customers and partners or print it and share it with your offline customers.

The maximum number of products on different Ecwid plans: 10 products on Free, 100 products on Venture, 2500 products on Business, and unlimited products on the Unlimited plan.

Here is the detailed description of both catalog options:

To turn your online store into an online catalog:

  1. Disable all payment and shipping methods.
If you want to collect orders but do not want customers to pay for them at checkout, you can simply enable offline payment methods in your store.
  1. Hide e-commerce elements like Buy Now buttons and Add to Bag buttons in the product list and product pages in Design section in your Ecwid admin:
    • disable Price and Buy Now elements on product list by choosing the Do Not Show option for them in the Product Card details and layout section:


    • Hide Price and Qty box in product details pages by unchecking these elements in the Sidebar section:


    • hide other unnecessary elements like Store Footer (where "track orders", "shopping bag" and "sign in" buttons are displayed) and Sign In link:


  1. Hide the Add to Bag button on all product pages with the help of CSS code that you can add to your store theme:

.details-product-purchase__controls {
display: none;
  1. Make sure you don't have the minicart widget installed. If you do, you need to remove it.
If you want to hide prices with Add to Cart buttons for the general public only and keep them visible for a customer group like wholesalers, use this approach — Hiding prices from customers who are not logged in.

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