DHL Express online shipping rates

DHL Express is a service that provides international courier, parcel and express mail delivery. You can connect your Ecwid store with DHL Express carrier that will pass the real-time shipping fees to customers on checkout with the help of the DHL Express Shipping Methods app.

Available starting from the Venture plan

To set up the DHL Express online shipping rates:

  1. Install the DHL Express Shipping Methods application.
  2. Once the app is installed, you’ll be able to manage the DHL Express Shipping Methods settings in your Ecwid Control panel → Shipping & Pickup section. The appropriate shipping method will appear on the list of the shipping methods.
  3. Open the app settings page and click Change Account details to expand the section where you should paste your DHL Express account details:

Change Account details

DHL SiteID and API password are the required fields. Call your local DHL Express Customer Service Centers to sign up for an account if you don’t have one yet and get the credentials.

In order to get live DHL Express rates, associated with your own DHL Express account, enter the DHL account number.

You can test the shipping method by enabling the Test mode option.
  1. Choose what DHL Express methods and what rates you want to offer in your store under the Shipping options section.Select shipping options
  2. Choose the region where this shipping method should work under the Shipping Region section. Select shipping region See the detailed instruction on how to set up the destination zones.
  3. Enable the Add insured value option if you want to cover your shipments. Determine a specific amount of money to be insured or leave at 0.00 if you want to use order subtotal. The insured value will be added to the shipping rate that is charged from a customer. We advise you to give your customers a heads-up on this in the terms of service.Insured value
  4. Submit the average size of the packages you are planning to ship under the Package Dimensions. The default package size is used to calculate shipping rates for products with no dimensions specified. To precisely calculate shipping costs for all of your products, please specify their dimensions in product details.Set the package sizes
If the store currency code does not match the currency code of the country specified in the Shipping Origin, use the Currency rate field to specify the exchange rate for the currency using this conversion formula:
 1 Ship-From country currency = XUSD 

Add the currency rate

If store currency code does not match the currency code of the country specified in the Shipping origin section, the DHL Express will return the rates in the currency code of the country used in the Shipping origin section.

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