Troubleshooting Shipping

Troubleshooting shipping issues can be generally broken up into two possible problems: your shipping methods are not showing up at checkout, or the shipping rates are higher or lower than expected. Please double check your settings for possible solutions and feel free to contact us with any questions.

I get incorrect shipping rates at checkout

If you use automatic shipping rates from carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc in your store, at checkout Ecwid sends information about order (e.g. order weight and dimensions), your shipping settings, origin and destination addresses to the server of a shipping carrier to check if any of the enabled shipping methods can be used to ship the order. In return, the carrier gives the list of available shipping methods with their rates that are shown to the shopper at checkout.

If you think that you get incorrect rates at your store checkout, check:

  • if you have set any product-specific shipping in your store. For this, go to Ecwid control panel → Catalog → Products, open details of a product for which you get unexpected rates at checkout, click on the Tax and Shipping tab on the product editing page and check your settings there.
  • whether you’ve added a shipping markup or a handling fee;
  • if you’ve connected your store to your own account with a carrier for negotiated automatic rates or if you use our default account with the carrier and receive standard rates.

A shipping method doesn’t appear at checkout

If you have enabled several real-time shipping methods in your store but one of them doesn’t appear at checkout, check:

  • this shipping method is enabled in your Ecwid control panel → Shipping & Pickup section.
  • this shipping method is linked to the destination zone that corresponds with the shipping address you are entering at checkout.
  • if this shipping method has been added as a custom table with order subtotal or weight ranges, make sure that the order falls into any of the ranges.
  • if it’s a shipping method of a carrier integrated with Ecwid for automatic rates, make sure that the total weight and dimensions of products in the cart are within the limitations of the missing shipping method. You can find what maximum weight and size a shipping method supports at the shipping carrier’s site.

For example:
USPS shipping methods:
Fedex shipping methods:

  • If it’s a shipping method of a carrier integrated with Ecwid for automatic rates, make sure that the default package size is within the limitations of the missing shipping method.

Free shipping offered to other countries

Generally, you can offer free shipping store-wide or for certain products in your store. You may have set up both, hence your global shipping settings are overwritten by individual product shipping that is applied to all customer locations:

  1. To check your global shipping settings, go to Ecwid control panel → Shipping&Pickup
  2. To check if you set individual product shipping, go to Ecwid control panel → Catalog → Products, click on a product for which you receive unexpected shipping cost at checkout, and go to the Tax & Shipping tab in the product editing page, then check your settings in the Shipping Rates section.

Note that free shipping which is set up for a product individually applies to all customer locations. You may want to offer free shipping to both at the same time:

- to certain countries only from the list of countries you deliver to


- to certain products only from your catalog 

In such a case, you can add a global shipping method with $0 rate for your free-shipping destination zone and assign this method to certain products only: go to the product editing page, Tax and Shipping tab, and add this shipping method to the list of enabled shipping methods for this product by using the Specify shipping methods for this product option from the product-specific shipping methods (then vice versa, add this shipping method to the lists of disabled shipping methods for other products on their editing pages).

Free Shipping instead of Flat Rate per order at checkout

Make sure that you haven’t specified free shipping in the settings of the product that you check because product-specific shipping options (such as fixed per-item fee or free shipping) replace global shipping rates. To check product settings, go to Ecwid control panel → Catalog → Products, open a product editing page and click on the Tax & Shipping tab. 

Note that the "Fixed rate per item" set to $0 and "Free Shipping" options in the Tax & Shipping tab are practically the same - both show up as Free Shipping at checkout if the respective product is ordered. If you don’t want to use "Fixed rate per item" for a product, you should switch to the "Use global rates" shipping option in the product editing page, Tax & Shipping tab.

Flat rate per item instead of Flat rate per order at checkout

It looks like you’ve set a fixed per-item fee in product settings and it overwrites your global flat rate shipping. To solve the issue, go to Ecwid control panel → Catalog → Products, click on the product for which you see incorrect rate at checkout, then open Tax & Shipping tab in that product’s editing page. Switch from the “Fixed rate per item” to the “Use global rates” option there and save the changes. As a result, your flat rate per order will be used for shipping cost calculation at checkout instead of individual shipping freight.

Still have an issue with shipping

Since calculation of shipping rates depends on many options, if you have issues with shipping, send us the following information for troubleshooting:

  1. Origin and destination address.
  2. What shipping rates do you get at checkout?
  3. What rates do you expect to get? Why? What rates do you get in online calculators at your carrier site:

UPS rates:
USPS rates:
Canada Post:
Australia Post:
EMS Russian Post:

  1. What products do you get rates for? Please send links to them.

Also, any screenshot or step-by-step instruction on how to reproduce the issue would be helpful. We will investigate the issue.

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