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Australia Post

Australia Post is the government business enterprise that provides postal services in Australia. In your Ecwid store, you can set up automatically calculated rates for multiple Australia Post delivery options. The rates will be shown at the checkout, so your customers can choose the most convenient delivery option.

Your business needs to be located in Australia to use automatically calculated rates from Australia Post.

Enabling Australia Post shipping rates

Every time a customer chooses the Australia Post shipping method at the checkout, Ecwid sends information to the Australia Post shipping carrier. It includes information about the order weight and dimensions, shipping settings, origin, and destination addresses. In return, the carrier gives the available shipping method with its rates.

To offer Australia Post delivery options with automatically calculated rates at the checkout:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Shipping & Pickup.
  2. In the Shipping box, click +Add Shipping.
  3. Click Set Up Australia Post.
  4. In the Automatically calculated rates from Australia Post box, click Set Up Australia Post:Australia Post.gif
    If you have set up shipping methods in your store in the past, steps 5-7 won’t appear during setup, and Australia Post will be enabled right away with the shipping origin you've specified previously. Learn how you can edit your store's shipping origin
  5. (optional) Set minimum order subtotal and enable showing an estimated delivery date at checkout.
  6. Specify your shipping origin. It can be your company’s address or any other location.
    Any edits you make to your company's address will also be saved to the Company address section in your Store Profile and displayed in your invoices and email notifications.
  7. Click Save & Finish.

Once you complete these steps, customers will start seeing Australia Post delivery options at the checkout. Here in the example, it’s Express Post and Parcel Post:


Changing Australia Post settings

When you enable Australia Post, the default settings are applied so that you can offer this shipping method in your online store right away.

To change the default settings at any time, go to Shipping & Pickup → Australia Post.

You can change the following Australia Post settings:

  • Choose shipping options
    You can activate both domestic and international shipping methods. At the checkout, customers will see all options you enabled. Learn more about Australia Post shipping services to choose the shipping methods that will work best for you.
    Domestic International
    Next day parcel delivery (Express Post) International courier parcel
    Same day parcel delivery (Courier Post) International economy parcel (by air or by sea)
    Standard parcel delivery (Parcel Post) International express parcel
    Express post letter International standard parcel
    Priority letter International courier letter
    Regular letter International economy letter
      International express letter
      International registered post letter
  • Specify shipping region
    You can select which destination zone the Australia Post rates will be available for in your store. You can choose to ship all over the world, specify the region, country, or city or choose a specific zone on a map.
    Customers whose address doesn’t fall into the set zone won’t see Australia Post options at the checkout.
  • Shipping markup
    The markup is a hidden fixed fee that will be added to the Australia Post rates. Use this setting if you want to increase the shipping rates to cover your shipping expenses.
  • Default package size (cm)
    The default package size is used for the shipping rates calculation if no product dimensions are specified in your catalog. If all your products are approximately the same size, you can set the default package size in the shipping settings once and use it for all products.
  • Minimum order subtotal
    Limit the availability of this shipping method by order subtotal. If the order is below the set amount, this shipping method will be inactive at checkout.
  • Extra cover
    You can add the Extra cover option that provides loss or damage cover up to the specified value of your item. Extra cover costs $0 for the first $100 of cover and $2.50 for each subsequent $100 of cover (above $100 included cover) up to $5000. The cost of this option is included in the shipping price displayed at checkout. You can learn more about the extra cover feature on Australia Post's website.
  • Signature on delivery
    If you want to be sure that your item has been delivered, you can add a Signature on delivery option. Signature on delivery captures a signature of the recipient once the item has been delivered. The cost of this option is included in the shipping price displayed at checkout. You can learn more about the extra cover feature on Australia Post's website.


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