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Shipping with Shiptimize

Shiptimize is a shipment management platform where you can create and print shipping labels, ship your orders with pre-negotiated lower rates, and track your shipments. Service is available in the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal.

Shiptimize carrier partners are B2c Europe, Correos, CTT, DHL, DPD, GLS, Mondial Relay, PostNL, PUDO, SEUR, ViaDirecta, and UPS.

With your Ecwid store connected to Shiptimize, new orders will automatically appear in your Shiptimize account with all the data needed to print a shipping label. This will save you time on processing orders and reduce shipping costs.

Connecting Shiptimize with Ecwid

Before connecting your Ecwid store with Shiptimize, create a Shiptimize account. A new account is approved by the Shiptimize team, it may take up to 2 business days.

To connect your Ecwid store with Shiptimize:

  1. Log in to your Shiptimize account. This needs to be done prior to the connection, so the Shiptimize could associate your Ecwid store with your Shiptimize account.
  2. In the Ecwid App Market, find the Shiptimize app and click Install. You will be redirected to the Shiptimize site and logged in your account.
  3. Customize the shipping settings to fit your business needs:


  4. Scroll down to select carriers for all shipping methods you have in your store.
  5. (optional) To exclude any shipping method from import, turn off the green toggle near the shipping method name:


  6. Click Update in the bottom of the page to save changes.

Done! From now on, new orders from your Ecwid store will appear in your Shiptimize account, in Shipping → Status → Entered.

If you already have integrations with any carrier that works with Shiptimize, it is possible to integrate your own contract in the system. Contact the Shiptimize support to learn more.

Setting up Shiptimize

Once you connect your store with Shiptimize, you can customize your Shiptimize account for a better shipping experience.

To customize the Shiptimize settings:

  1. In your Shiptimize account, go to Settings → Shipping → Shipping Defaults.
  2. Select the default carrier and the country you will be shipping from.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click the Carrier options tab in the upper menu.
  5. Adjust settings and click Save.

Creating shipping labels with Shiptimize

When an order is made in your Ecwid store, it will appear in your Shiptimize account. You can then print the label and ship the package.

To create a label in Shiptimize:

  1. From your Shiptimize account, go to Shipping → Status → Entered.
  2. Choose the order you want to print a label to and click Ready to create label:


  3. If your product in your Ecwid store has weight and dimensions, this data will be filled in automatically.
  4. In the Recipient address section, fields will be filled in automatically based on the information that a customer entered at checkout.
  5. Click Save changes.

Now your label is ready to be printed. You can either use a desktop or a label printer.

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