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Ecwid checkout FAQ

Here you can find the answers to some common questions about checkout in your Ecwid store.

My customers see pre-defined values in checkout fields. Why?

When a customer goes to checkout, Ecwid determines customer’s country, city and zip code based on the IP address (we use MaxMind's GeoIP solution) and prefills fields with these values. This helps shoppers to check out faster (which means more sales for you). Besides, your customers see estimated shipping and tax cost as soon as they open the cart page.

If you get incorrect predefined values, it means that MaxMind databases don't have the correct value for your IP. In this case, open and check how it determines your location. If you see the correct values on that page, it means that the problem is already fixed in the newest MaxMind database and it will be fixed soon in Ecwid, too (we update our geo-IP databases on monthly basis). If you see incorrect values on that page, then please send a correction and MaxMind will fix the problem.

How to remove countries I don't ship to from checkout?

You need to set up destination zones for the countries where you will ship orders to. Then assign them to your shipping options. After that, at checkout, customers will be able to choose only from the countries that you ship to.

If you only ship within one country, the country dropdown doesn’t appear at all – instead, your customers see a message saying that your store ships within that country. The same is true for the states/regions.

Why there's no payment method available at checkout?

This message appears if there are no enabled payment methods in your store. To fix the issue, log into your Ecwid admin, go to Payment page and enable at least one payment method.

Can I upsell products at checkout?

Sure. You can show the related products at checkout to encourage more sales.

I sell digital products. How do I remove all the shipping stuff from checkout?

You need to uncheck the Requires shipping or pickup boxes option if you go to your Ecwid admin, in Catalog → Products and click on a product. These products will be regarded as digital and thus the shipping step will be skipped at checkout.

How can wholesale customers get their discount?

After you set up discounts for a group of customers, customers from this group should log into their customer account in your storefront. They will see the discount on the cart page.

How do I request additional information from customers at checkout?

You can add extra fields to any checkout step. This allows your customers to provide any additional information before placing their order. For example, you can ask for their tax ID, gift note, special delivery requests, or additional contact information.

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