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Shopping cart

Your Ecwid store includes a shopping cart that displays a list of products that customers added for purchasing and the order cost. Before proceeding to checkout, shoppers can adjust the item’s quantity, apply discounts or redeem a gift certificate.

The shopping cart is constantly shown on the left-hand side of the cart and checkout page during the checkout process. This way, buyers can see the price change if they choose a different shipping method or add a gift wrap at extra cost.

To allow shoppers to buy gift wrapping or any other extra cost services at checkout, you can add custom fields with a fixed fee.

How shopping cart works

Your store visitors can add items to their cart by clicking the Buy Now button on your store front page or the Add to Bag button on a product details page.

Products added to the shopping bag remain in the cart as long as a buyer uses the same device and browser. Shoppers with a customer account will see products in the cart until they are logged out from their account.

To prevent overselling, you can enable automatic inventory tracking in your store. That way, the cart content of shoppers is always checked against your inventory. Any out of stock items will be automatically removed from the cart.

You can enable pre-orders to let customers purchase out of stock items.

Viewing the cart content

Here’s what customers see in their shopping cart:


Items. For each unique product shoppers see its quantity, product option or input field if any, and price.

Order subtotal. A final cost of all items in the cart excluding taxes and shipping.

Automated discounts. Shown only if you set up discounts on order subtotal or customer groups. Discounts for customer groups are displayed for logged-in members of a group.

Estimated shipping costs and tax rates. Appears after a customer enters their address or the store recognizes the visitor’s location. When you have several shipping methods, they are formed into a list displayed on the Shipping and Pickup page. The first method in the list is shown as a default one in the shopping cart. You can sort shipping methods to choose what shipping or delivery method to show first. When a shopper changes a shipping method during checkout, the shipping costs and order total are changed accordingly.

Handling fee. Shown only if you set up a handling fee.

Link for a promo code or gift card fields. Shown only if you have discount coupons or gift certificates enabled in your store. After clicking a Redeem your code link, customers can enter a discount or gift certificate code.

Order total. A sum of order subtotal, shipping costs, tax rates, discounts, and handling fee.

Accessing the shopping cart

After visitors add an item to their cart, they can click either the bag icon on the site, the Go to Checkout button on the product page, or the Shopping Bag link at the bottom of any store page to access the cart:


Depending on what website you use to run your store on, the bag icon can be displayed variously.

On the New-Gen Instant Site, the cart icon is constantly displayed on the top right corner of your website. Once a customer adds a product to the cart, the icon will display the number of added products. Shoppers can click the icon to navigate to the cart.

On the original Instant Site, the bag icon pops up after a visitor adds an item to the cart. The icon displays the number of added items. You can display the bag icon for an empty cart on your Instant Site by modifying the CSS theme of your Ecwid store.

On a Wix or Wordpress site where you added an Ecwid store via the app, the cart icon is constantly displayed on the site even with zero items.

On any other website where you embedded your Ecwid store on, you can add a shopping bag icon to your site’s header so that customers can access their shopping cart from any site page.

Customizing your shopping cart

The shopping cart is designed to help shoppers start the checkout process smoothly, so that they aren’t distracted from making а purchase. You can adjust the shopping cart look and behavior to tailor the cart for your business.

Here’s what you can do with your shopping cart:

Change the shopping cart icon. You can choose between cart, bag, and basket.

Show the extended coupon code field. By default, the coupon code field is displayed after clicking the Redeem your coupon button. Expand the coupon code field in the cart so shoppers can enter promo codes or gift certificates right away.

Show related products. Upsell clients by suggesting related products. Related products are displayed at the bottom of the shopping cart and encourage visitors to add more items for purchasing.

Make the option for deleting items more visible. You can make the cross sign more visible so it's easier for shoppers to delete items from the cart. To change the look of the cross sign, use the CSS code.

Send visitors directly to the shopping cart after they click on the Buy Now button. To redirect customers to the cart after choosing a product, go to Settings → General → Cart & Checkout → Checkout settings and turn on the Open bag when the "Add to bag" button is clicked toggle.

Setting a minimum order amount

You can set a minimum amount of money for your customers to spend on a single order in your Ecwid store. That comes in handy when you sell wholesale. The minimum order amount is calculated based on the order subtotal amount so it excludes shipping costs, tax rates, and discounts.

As long as the order amount in a customer’s shopping cart is less than the set limit, the customer won’t be able to proceed further and will see a pop-up message suggesting to add more items to the cart:


To set a minimum purchase amount in your store:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Settings → General, Cart & Checkout tab.
  2. Find the Minimum allowed order subtotal field and enter the order subtotal value.
  3. Save the changes.
Instead of setting minimum purchase amounts, you can set order quantity limits.

Adding more products to the shopping cart

There are two ways shoppers can change the number of products for purchasing: with the quantity field on the product page and with the Qty dropdown menu in the shopping cart.

While in the shopping cart, buyers can click the Qty dropdown to add more items:


Another way for customers to increase the number of items in the cart is to click the Continue shopping link. Customers will be redirected to your store where they can add more items to their cart:


To prevent customers from adding more products to the cart than you have in stock, enable automatic inventory tracking in your store.

Removing products from the shopping cart

Customers can delete products from the cart if they change their mind or they want to buy a product with another option, e.g., color, material, size. Currently, changing a product option or field input is not possible from the shopping cart so to choose a product with a different option, a buyer should first delete an item from the cart and then add a new one.

The empty cart displays the Continue shopping link that takes customers back to the store.

To delete a product, a buyer needs to click the cross sign (Х) near the product:


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