Reviewing your Ecwid account receipts

When your account is on the paid plan with Ecwid, you can view receipts for each of the payments.

You can view and download receipts for your subscription payments right from your Ecwid Control Panel:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to My Profile → Payment History.
  2. Click View Payment History link:

View payment history

  1. In your payment history, click View Receipt link:

View receipt

  1. The receipt will open in a new tab:

Ecwid receipt sample

  1. Open the Print menu in your browser, where you can print the receipt on paper or save it as PDF file.
If your store is located in Europe or Australia, Ecwid charges VAT or GST correspondingly and the tax is added to the total. If you have a VAT ID or ABN, you can add it in your Ecwid Control Panel and pay for subscription without the tax.
Check our guides for more information:
GST charges for merchants located in Australia
VAT Charges for merchants located in the EU
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