Customization options in Ecwid

Maybe you want to freshen up your design or integrate a new service provider. Even better, you want to add new features to your store. Ecwid is built to seamlessly integrate with your website while meeting all your business needs. Start with Ecwid’s base store settings and expand to include powerful apps using Ecwid’s API.

Customizing your store is just a matter of imagination and determination. Take care of the integration yourself or hire Ecwid’s Custom Development team to manage the integration for you.

Built-in store settings

Change the appearance and functionality of your store right from your dashboard. Settings → Design provides many options to update the design and layout of your storefront. Settings → Cart & Checkout allows you to set restrictions and alter the checkout process. Check out this video for the most popular customizations managed right in Ecwid’s Control Panel.

Ecwid store customization examples
Initial store setup
A Comprehensive Guide to Customizing Your Ecwid Store Design (blog)

Adjusting store design using CSS and themes

CSS code provides the ability to change colors, font sizes, and omit elements on certain pages. To fully customize your store’s design, click “Create theme” in Ecwid Control panel → Design and add your CSS code.

Adding CSS codes to your store
Creating your own design theme
Customize Buttons and Text (video)
Changing design in certain pages only

Ecwid offers various storefront themes regardless of your website. Here’s a short list of themes for WordPress, Muse, and Wix.


Adobe Muse

Wix → Templates provides themes for your website. And the Ecwid app for Wix provides an option to set storefront colors in the Wix editor. Double tap the Ecwid store area in the editor, click Settings, and locate “Store Color settings” to set your preferred colors.

For Instant Site-based stores or other platforms

Apps from the Ecwid App Market, custom development, and access to Ecwid’s API provide countless ways to customize your online store.

Apps from the Ecwid App Market

Enhance your store’s functionality with apps from the Ecwid App Market. Over a hundred apps help Ecwid merchants run their stores every day. The Ecwid App Market is available for all paid users, and many apps are free.

Popular apps:
Free shipping icon
Store designer
Checkout with phone number
Checkout notices
Imajize: 360º Product Views

Custom Development by the Ecwid team

The Ecwid Customization team offers a variety of do-it-for-me programs: from the major design and functionality changes to the creation of your own mobile app for iOS and Android – ShopApp.

Custom Development is a paid service with price varying on the complexity of the request. The annual subscription to the Business plan includes 2 hours of development and the Unlimited plan includes 12 hours. Get a quote >

Extra services
Ecwid store customization examples

Access Ecwid’s API

Ecwid’s API has all the necessary tools to customize your store. Some use the Ecwid API to create product galleries and catalogs while others setup notifications for store events. You can even use Ecwid’s API to sync your store’s inventory with an offline catalog. The options are virtually endless.

Programming skills are necessary to use Ecwid’s API. If you are comfortable with coding, check out the Ecwid API Documentation.

If you have a friend or acquaintance who is a developer, reach out to hire them to create a custom development for your store. The Ecwid API is easy to follow and they always contact the Ecwid team with any questions.

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