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Adding and removing staff accounts

As the store owner, you can provide your staff members (fulfillment staff, theme designer, developer, etc) or your partner with their personal login account to access your Ecwid admin panel. Each member you invite will have permission to manage your store but will not be able to access your financial information or invite additional staff members.

The Business plan includes 2 staff accounts.
You can have as many staff accounts as you'd like on the Unlimited plan

Adding staff accounts

Only you (the account owner) can create staff accounts by sending an invitation to a staff member. Upon acceptance of the invitation, the staff member will be asked to:

- log in to their existing Ecwid account in case they already have their own account and want to access your store using that account login;
- or they can choose to create an account (it’s free).

As soon as the staff members go through the sign-in process, they will access your Ecwid admin panel.

Are you creating Ecwid stores for your friends or clients and want to manage them all in one place? Check out our Partner Program for more details.

To add a new staff account:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to My Profile → Staff Accounts.
  2. Click Add staff member:


  1. Enter the email address of the staff member you would like to invite:


  1. Click Send Invite.

An email invitation to create an account and join your team will be sent to the new staff member. The invitation letter has the subject “You have been invited to manage [your store name]”.

When your staff member receives the email invitation to open a staff account for your Ecwid store, they have to:

  1. Click the Join store button in the email to accept the invitation.
  2. After that staff members have a choice to:
    • Join your store team with their existing Ecwid account, if they happen to have it and want to use its login as your staff member login.
    • Create a new profile to access your store (Ecwid account registration is free).

Upon signing in to the account through your invitation link, the staff member will access your Ecwid admin and can help you set up and manage the store.

If the invited members already signed up with Ecwid, they need to log in and choose the store to manage.

You can see the staff members that accepted your invitations and joined your store team in Ecwid admin, Profile → Staff Accounts.

Staff permissions

Once the staff member accepts the invitation, they will gain the Admin role with full access to your store except for sensitive information (the store's subscription billing and staff members will be hidden from them). Staff members can edit their own profile details such as update password or their login email.

  Account owner Added staff member
See billing information, upgrade, downgrade  V  
Add and remove staff accounts V  
Access REST API tokens V  
Manage store (add products, manage stock, process orders, change shipping settings, etc) V V
We don't have different staff roles yet. We will add more staff roles in the future, so you will be able to give your employees access only to certain areas of your store's admin panel.

Removing staff accounts

As a precautionary measure, you should periodically revise the list of your store’s staff accounts and remove the staff members that you do not work with anymore.

To remove a staff account:

  1. From your Ecwid Admin, go to My Profile → Staff Accounts.
  2. In the Staff account’s card click Actions → Remove user:


The staff member will no longer have access to your store.

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