Adding and removing staff accounts

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Staff accounts allow you to add several admins to your store. With staff accounts you can give access to Control Panel to your employees so that they could manage products and orders. Read this article to learn how to add and remove staff accounts in your store.

The Staff Accounts are available on Ecwid Business plan and higher. You can invite up to two staff members on the Business plan and as many as you want on the Unlimited plan. Upgrade to get this feature

Using staff accounts

Running your Ecwid store as a team together with fulfilment operators, marketing managers, developers, designers, etc., requires your staff members to naturally have access to the store backend to do their job. Sharing one login and password pair is not the best choice in this case, as your store’s security may be put at risk, for instance, when an employee quits.

We have made it possible for you to create several accounts for your employees so that they could access the store’s Control Panel with their emails and manage the store. At the same time you can keep your login and password safe.

Access level your employees have

When you have decided to let someone else participate in managing your store, most likely you do not want to share your login and password. And this is absolutely right. Giving your login and password to someone can put at risk your store security.

With staff accounts you can let your staff have their accounts with the administrator access to your store and keep your login and password safe. To ensure security, your employees do not have access to the following information:

Your billing info. They cannot upgrade or downgrade your Ecwid account or see your payment information. And they cannot delete your store, as to do that, they would need to downgrade the account to the Free plan.
Your Store Team page. Only you can add staff to your team, manage it and recall staff access.

Adding and managing staff accounts

1. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel → My Profile → Staff Accounts and click "Add new team member". Enter the person’s email and click "Send invite".


2. Once the invitation has been sent, you’ll see a pending account invitation on your "Staff Accounts" page and your team member will get an email in their inbox saying:


3. If your employee doesn’t have an Ecwid account, after clicking the "Join the store team" button they’ll get one with the administrator access to your store only.

4. If your team member has already signed up for Ecwid, first they’ll need to log in and then choose the store they want to manage.


Only the store owner can manage the team settings for their store in Ecwid Control Panel → My Profile → Staff Accounts. Your team mates will only see their profile settings in the "My profile" section.

If you want to delete those who don’t work for you anymore, simply navigate to the person’s card and click Actions → Remove. Your former staff will get an email notification, that their access to the store has been cancelled.




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