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Updates 2024

A brief on-point overview of key features released in Ecwid every month to help your business grow.


Create an informative and engaging website by adding pages to your Instant Site

With your Instant Site editor, you can now build a multi-page website, where each page is tailored to a specific topic like an online store, about us, seasonal promotions, etc. Depending on your Ecwid plan, you can add up to 100 pages to your site. Each new page comes with a pre-made content that is easily customizable to suit your preferences.

Learn more about adding pages to your Instant Site →

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See what sources generate most sales in your store

Your Ecwid reports now show what marketing channels generate the most sales in your store. It can be abandoned cart emails, ads, marketing campaigns, etc. Sources of sale are tracked with the help of UTM tags. To see how your store performs, go to the Reports page and click Marketing.

Learn more about marketing reports →

Track your store expenses

Your financial reports now provide a detailed breakdown of your spendings, offering insights into specific categories such as shipping expenses, the overall costs incurred in creating, preparing, and selling a product, and more. To see your expenses, go to the Reports page, click Accounting and scroll down to the Expenses.

Learn more about expenses reports →

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Add translations for the “Compare to price” name

All multi-language stores can now provide a better shopping experience for customers. As you put an item on sale, you can translate its “Compare to” price wording so that shoppers see the sale price information in different languages based on their preferred browser language.

Learn how to translate the “Compare to” price name →

TikTok Ads: Now available for more countries

Advertising on TikTok is now available for merchants from Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Morocco, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, and Sweden. You can connect your Ecwid product catalog to the TikTok For Business platform and showcase your brand in ads to thousands of people.

Learn about advertising on TikTok →

Ecwid mobile app: Mass update orders

Both iOS and Android Ecwid mobile apps now support the order mass update. That means, you can select several orders at once and change their status, print invoices, or share orders with anyone.

To select several orders, in your Ecwid mobile app tap Orders, in the top right corner tap Select (on iOS) or three dots → Select (on Android), select orders, then tap Mass Update. Then just choose what you want to do.

Learn about editing orders →

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