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Updates 2024

A brief on-point overview of key features released in Ecwid every month to help your business grow.


Improved customer section: Сreate, edit, and manage customers as in the CRM system

The Customers page in your Ecwid admin now has the functionality of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Here’s what you can do on the updated Customers page:

  • Create a new customer profile
  • Change and add customers data: name, shipping address, contacts (email, phone and messenger), group, marketing email subscription status, tax-exempt status
  • Add notes and comments
  • See customer statistics: number of orders, sales value
  • Check additional information: mailing consent, tax status, customer group.
  • Filter customers by a wide range of parameters. For example, get a list of repeat customers from a specific country who purchased a specific product more than twice.
  • Export client database to a CSV file
  • Mass updating customers

Learn how to create and manage customers →

March 2.gif

Instant Site: Add videos to your site

You can now embed videos on your Instant Site. First, you have to upload the video to a hosting platform like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, etc or use a link to an existing video. Then, you add a new Video section in your site editor, and insert the link to the video. As a result, the video appears on the site. 

Learn how to add video on your site →

March 1.gif

View your store marketing performance

Your store analytics on the Reports page now has the Marketing section. In this section, you will find the most popular sources that bring people to your store. It can be Facebook ads, gift cards, abandoned cart emails, and so on. The source tracking is performed with the help of the UTM tags

Learn more about Ecwid built-in reports →

March 3.gif

Access Linkup from your Ecwid mobile app

Linkup is a tool to create a customizable page featuring shoppable links that you can then share in your social media or promotional content. Now you can access the Linkup editor from your Ecwid iOS and Android mobile apps. Just open the app, tap Store and then Link in bio to create your mini-website or view analytics on Linkup performance. 

Learn how to create a Linkup page and add it to your social media →

Ecwid mobile app for iOS: Add and manage related products

Now it’s possible to assign related products from your Ecwid mobile app for iOS. You can choose to add specific items as related, make random products from the specific category appear as related, or assign both specific and random products.

Learn how to assign related products from iOS Ecwid mobile app →

Multi-lingual stores: Add custom ALT texts for category images

From now on, you can create custom ALT text for your category images, and translate it into several languages. Image ALT text (also known as alt description, or simply “alt tag”) is a text that describes an image's appearance. It enhances website visibility in image search results, ensures accessibility for visually impaired users, and improves user experience by providing descriptive text when images fail to load. 

Learn how to create custom ALT text for category images →


Generate domain name in seconds with the AI-tool

When you buy a domain from your Ecwid admin, you can use the power of AI to come up with a name for your web address. A good domain name should be both memorable and easily readable to minimize the likelihood of customer errors during typing or recalling your site. AI can help with that by offering names based on your store name, location, and type of business. Try it! You can adopt one of the suggestions as is, generate new ones, or even use them as inspiration for your own domain name choice.

Learn about buying domains in Ecwid →

February 24 5.gif

Get money faster with Lightspeed Payments

When customers make a purchase, their payment is first transferred to the payment processor, and then to your bank account. With Lightspeed Payments, the process used to take two days for the funds to be transferred. Now, you can enjoy the swiftness of receiving the funds for a specific transaction within just one business day.

View the schedule for Lightspeed Payments payouts →

Enhance your clients’ shopping experience with Apple Wallet

Your customers who use Apple devices can now track their order status with Apple Wallet, the default iPhone, iPad, and Mac app for storing cards and purchases. If shoppers add their order to their e-wallet, they will get push notifications about order status changes and can view order info at any time. That keeps them in the loop without effort and improves their post-purchase experience, making it more likely to return to your store for more.

Learn how customers can track their orders with Apple Wallet →

Not sure what devices people use to shop in your store? Check the Visitors stats on the Reports page in your store admin to find out.

February 24 1.gif

Venmo: Accept mobile payments in your online shop (US stores only)

Venmo, a popular and user-friendly mobile payment method, is widely embraced by American customers. With mobile shopping on the rise, Venmo can elevate your customers' checkout experience, making it super easy to place an order in your store. When you enable PayPal (or update your PayPal integration), Venmo appears as a payment option at checkout. It will appear only if you and your customers are located in the US. 

Learn about Venmo and other features that PayPal provides to boost your store →

Not from the US? PayPal offers a variety of country-specific payment options that are widely used in Europe.

Adjust your Linkup URL to fit your business needs

Linkup is a native Ecwid tool for creating a promotional page with all your links, including shoppable links for products from your Ecwid store. You can share the page URL in your social media bios or promotional content. From now on, you can change the username part in your Linkup URL. For example, if initially you named your Linkup, you can rename it to any other URL: or

Learn how to create a Linkup page and add it to your social media →

Translate custom ALT text for product images

Image ALT text (also known as alt attribute, alt description, or simply alt tag) is an alternative text describing an image's appearance and function. ALT text improves site visibility in image search results, while also ensuring accessibility for visually impaired people that visit your store. Now you can add custom ALT text for images and also translate it to other languages. Translations ensure your site is easy to find in different languages, as well as making it available for a range of audiences. 

Learn how to add custom ALT text →

Learn how to translate ALT text →

February 24 4.gif

Update bulk discount prices along with regular prices

When you offer bulk discount prices in your store, you want to keep them up to date along with regular prices. Now it’s easier to do with the Mass Product Update tool. While increasing or decreasing product prices, just make sure to tick the Update bulk discount prices checkbox, and voila—all your prices are changed to the specified amount. 

Learn more about bulk discount prices →


February 24 6.gif

Enable or disable discounts in no time

With advanced discounts, you can quickly put on sale dozens of products or entire categories and even schedule the sale by specifying the beginning and ending dates. All discounts are saved in your store admin, so you can turn them on and off whenever you need. Before, you could only turn off several discounts at once. From now on, you can turn dozens of discounts either on or off, saving you time on marketing campaigns. 

Learn how to create and manage advanced discounts →

February 24 3.gif

Filter orders by total amount 

Filter on the Orders page now has the “Order Total” value that allows you to quickly find high-value orders that may require special attention. That also helps to assist customers who reached out to you without their order numbers on hand so you can find their order by searching a specific amount. 

Learn about searching and filtering orders →


Create an informative and engaging website by adding pages to your Instant Site

With your Instant Site editor, you can now build a multi-page website, where each page is tailored to a specific topic like an online store, about us, seasonal promotions, etc. Depending on your Ecwid plan, you can add up to 100 pages to your site. Each new page comes with a pre-made content that is easily customizable to suit your preferences.

Learn more about adding pages to your Instant Site →

January 1.gif

See what sources generate most sales in your store

Your Ecwid reports now show what marketing channels generate the most sales in your store. It can be abandoned cart emails, ads, marketing campaigns, etc. Sources of sale are tracked with the help of UTM tags. To see how your store performs, go to the Reports page and click Marketing.

Learn more about marketing reports →

Track your store expenses

Your financial reports now provide a detailed breakdown of your spendings, offering insights into specific categories such as shipping expenses, the overall costs incurred in creating, preparing, and selling a product, and more. To see your expenses, go to the Reports page, click Accounting and scroll down to the Expenses.

Learn more about expenses reports →

January 2.gif

Add translations for the “Compare to price” name

All multi-language stores can now provide a better shopping experience for customers. As you put an item on sale, you can translate its “Compare to” price wording so that shoppers see the sale price information in different languages based on their preferred browser language.

Learn how to translate the “Compare to” price name →

TikTok Ads: Now available for more countries

Advertising on TikTok is now available for merchants from Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Morocco, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, and Sweden. You can connect your Ecwid product catalog to the TikTok For Business platform and showcase your brand in ads to thousands of people.

Learn about advertising on TikTok →

Ecwid mobile app: Mass update orders

Both iOS and Android Ecwid mobile apps now support the order mass update. That means, you can select several orders at once and change their status, print invoices, or share orders with anyone.

To select several orders, in your Ecwid mobile app tap Orders, in the top right corner tap Select (on iOS) or three dots → Select (on Android), select orders, then tap Mass Update. Then just choose what you want to do.

Learn about editing orders →

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